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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 35 Recap

Zhou Fohai and Chun Fu talked about Chiang Kai-shek’s affairs. Chiang Kai-shek ordered him to go back to Chongqing immediately. Zhou Fohai knew that he would never be able to get out again when he returned. After coming back from Chongqing this time, Chen Gongbo was depressed all day long. Because Wang Jingwei was going to cooperate with the Japanese, the several conditions put forward were clearly betraying national interests, but Wang Jingwei had already planned carefully and determined to cooperate with the Japanese, Mrs. Chen I was anxious for this. Once I cooperated with the Japanese and made a mistake, it was a dilemma, but Chen Gongbo knew that even if the fire pit was in front of him, he would have to jump with Wang Jingwei.

Wang Jingwei treason to the enemy, Mao Zedong asked the Nationalist government to strictly deal with the reactionaries. Mao Zedong and Luo Fu decided to invite Li Da to Yan’an. Although he left the party, he still had a lot of affection for the party.

Chen Qihang decided to go to Yan’an to shoot material. Chen Tanqiu returned from Moscow, Zhou Enlai broke his arm, and soon planned to go to Moscow for surgery. Speaking of Sheng Shicai in Xinjiang, two years ago, Sheng Shicai hung up the signboard of pro-Soviet and Communist Party support. At that time, party comrades helped him build Xinjiang. Sheng Shicai showed his true face and sinister and cunning after his power in Xinjiang gradually stabilized. Zhou Enlai lamented that Chen Tanqiu was always in danger, and Chen Tanqiu assured them that he would build Xinjiang and complete the party’s tasks.

Chongqing. Lu Zhenyu was transferred to Chongqing by Zhou Enlai and went to see Li Da. Li Xintian had been away for more than half a year, but Li Da couldn’t help crying when she thought of her. Only by working hard can he forget it temporarily. Wang Huiwu stayed with his two children. Guiyang, Guiyang was bombed by the Japanese soon after Li Da arrived in Chongqing. Fortunately, they had nothing to do and their lives were fairly stable.

This time Lv Zhenyu came to convey Mao Zedong’s invitation again, hoping that Li Da would go to Yan’an. Li Da knew that Mao Zedong remembered his old friend, but Bogu told him that the conditions in Yan’an were difficult and did not support idlers, so he was worried that he would not be able to do anything. Although Li Da intended to go to Yan’an, the trip could only be stranded due to practical problems. Li Da quit his job and came to Guiyang, wanting to join his family to do theoretical research.

Since Wang Huiwu moved here almost every day to see Li Xintian, Li Da also hurried away, and the two cried at Li Xintian’s tomb. Wang Huiwu felt that they could not go to Guilin with Li Da. The situation is not good right now. It is difficult to find such a place for the children to have schooling, and Li Xintian is here. Li Da was a little angry. He didn’t understand why Wang Huiwu was to blame him. Wang Huiwu was not to blame him. It was just Li Xintian’s affairs that she could not let go of. Li Xintian suffered a lot with her. Wang Huiwu always thought that life would get better. But I didn’t expect Li Xintian to leave like this suddenly. Wang Huiwu didn’t want to let the two children suffer from the displacement, so he planned to stay here.

The Kuomintang sent a tricycle to pick up Zhang Guotao. Yang Zilie was very angry when he saw it. He has been complaining about the days here. Zhang Guotao has been in the Kuomintang for almost two years, but he is still not trusted and not valued, but Zhang Guotao persuaded her to bear it.

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