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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 22 Recap

Li Dongxian has never had the opportunity to announce the matter between him and Wang Qianqian, but this did not affect his enthusiasm for Wang Qianqian. Li Dongxian knew that Wang Qianqian wanted to be slim, but worried that her diet would be bad for her health. Wang Qianqian exercised and prepared dumbbells, which made Wang Qianqian dumbfounded, but she was still very sweet in her heart.

Gu Renqi met by chance on the way from get off work to Shuangjiao. Gu Renqi proposed to send it back with Shuangjiao, and there was no objection to Shuangjiao. All along the way, he told each other to be good, until Gu Renqi sent it back with Shuangjiao. , Saw the back of Shuangjiao going upstairs and leaving, and then slowly left.

Originally, Gu Renqi should be hospitalized, but he stubbornly believed that he could be discharged, as long as he took the medicine on time. His biggest wish was to find out the truth and give an explanation to Shuangjiao. When Lu Xian went to deliver the medicine to Gu Renqi At that time, Gu Renqi put forward his own ideas. Regardless of whether this matter was really done by Gu Shiheng, he must find out the truth. Lu Xian supported Gu Renqi. The two went to find Liu, the driver’s son. Li, but Liu Li said that he didn’t actually know the specific situation, and every time his parents mentioned the car accident, they looked very mysterious.

When Gu Renqi and Lu Xian were looking for clues, they found Liu Li’s father Liu Xiaowei’s wife, but because they saw Liu Xiaowei’s wife pouring water too dirty, Gu Renqi almost fainted, so Lu Xian had to take Gu Renqi and leave first. . Gu Renqi suppressed the nausea in his heart and went to Liu Xiaowei’s wife again. This time it was Liu Xiaowei’s wife who was picking up the trash, and Gu Renqi could barely help to clean up together. On this day, I learned from Liu Xiaowei’s mother that there might be other secrets to the events of the year. Liu Xiaowei’s mother blamed her grandson Liu Li that she should not go to Gu Shiheng at all. In fact, the car accident was caused by her son Liu Xiaofeng. It was Gu Shiheng who gave money to persuade Liu Xiaofeng to surrender. , Gu Renqi hopes that the elderly can help testify for Gu Shiheng’s justice.

It was Shuangjiao who made the nursing home project into a warm hometown and won awards. Even Gu Shiheng was surprised to learn that even Gu Shiheng was surprised that the employees who participated in the project moved to the nursing home voluntarily. It was Junjie and Zhu Yan that both encouraged Shuangjiao to successfully complete this big project. They took Shuangjiao to eat, but when they ate, Junjie and Zhu Yan looked kind and loving, which reminded Shuangjiao. Gu Renqi angered the two of them. It was Junjie who saw that it was Shuangjiao’s heart, but it was Shuangjiao who refused to admit it.

Liu Xiaowei’s wife agreed to Gu Renqi’s request and publicly clarified what happened on TV. It was Shuangjiao who immediately rushed to Liu Xiaowei’s door to find Gu Renqi when she saw it, but Gu Renqi suddenly fainted. Lu Xian told Shuangjiao the actual situation. In fact, Gu Renqi’s condition was very serious and he fainted several times. He should have been hospitalized long ago, but he insisted on it to help Shuangjiao find the truth. Now She finally fell ill, and Shuangjiao was full of touch and self-blame in her heart. Lu Xian believes that the main reason why Gu Renqi is so difficult to cure is that Gu Shiheng’s heart disease still requires medicinal medicine. Only from Gu Shiheng can we find the root cause and completely cure Gu Renqi.

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