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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 21 Recap

The first thing Lu Xian found was Gu Renqi, who planned to treat Gu Renqi in a closed full-time treatment. Only when Gu Renqi fully recovered can he be qualified to talk about his future happiness. Before Gu Renqi was about to leave, he was looking for Shuangjiao, and he was so reluctant to be Shuangjiao, but he also knew clearly that it is impossible for two people to be happy. If he wants to choose one person to be happy, he would rather that person be. It is Shuangjiao. Gu Renqi knows that it is Shuangjiao’s love for his career. He has handed over the company’s affairs to Uncle Jin and given the labor department to Shuangjiao, hoping that Shuangjiao can achieve something in his favorite field.

Before leaving, Gu Renqi kissed the cheeks of Shuangjiao, telling him that he must take good care of himself when he is away. Shuangjiao is also very sad. In fact, he has been hiding from Gu Renqi, but he can’t face himself. In her heart, she can’t face Gu Renqi. She still loves Gu Renqi so much in her heart, but her mother is also the person she loves. If she is with Gu Renqi, she will feel sorry for her mother in the heart of Shuangjiao. .

After Gu Renqi left, it was Shuangjiao who returned to the company and took charge of the labor department, working hard for the family. Lu Xian also began to conduct closed treatment on Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi was tortured inside and could only sleep for three hours a day. Li Dongxian was worried about Gu Renqi. It was Shuangjiao who always remembered Gu Renqi, deliberately. I heard from Li Dongxian when Gu Renqi went to the hospital in the morning, took advantage of this time to quietly clean up the room for Gu Renqi, and made the porridge that Gu Renqi likes to drink.

Mei Hua has always been distressed about his son’s situation, and begged Gu Shiheng to tell the story of the year, but Gu Shiheng was worried that it would affect the company and refused to agree to anything. Zhu Yan and Junjie are also busy with each other every day. They have time to call for a date, but the boss’s overtime call cancels the plan.

There are two pots of succulent flowers in Gu Renqi’s room. They were sent by Shuangjiao. They were also named after the images of the two. One pot is called Xiaojiezhe, and the other pot is sloppy. In Gu Renqi’s eyes Shuangjiao is his little sloppy, and Gu Renqi is Shuangjiao’s little sloppy. Gu Renqi returned home and watched Hua eating porridge. He knew that Shuangjiao had been here. In the pillow there were also recorded voices of Shuangjiao. Every day Gu Renqi took the medicine, he would hold the fidelity and listen to it. The arrogant voice fell asleep, it was an exhortation from Shuangjiao for him to take good care of himself.

Gu Shiheng gave the company a task to dissolve the nursing home, because the cost of the nursing home has long been unable to make ends meet and needs to be solved urgently. After learning about the situation, Shuangjiao thought of a way. People from the labor department can go to the nursing home to help clean up. , And nursing homes can also provide them with housing, so that they can get what they need.

It was Shuangjiao’s suggestion that Li Dongxian was quickly given to Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi was very supportive and asked Li Dongxian to communicate with everyone. According to the plan of Shuangjiao, Shuangjiao was also thinking about Gu Ren again and again. Qi, what would he do if it were Gu Renqi, and what he hopes this nursing home would be like, should he hope to be as warm as a family. Thinking that this is Shuangjiao, he immediately launched an action, incorporating Gu Renqi’s thoughts into it. Perhaps this would make it feel that the two are still together.

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