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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 19 Recap

Gu Renqi’s grandfather was called Gu Shiheng, and he was very domineering for most of his life. However, today he was criticized by Liu Li, the son of his former driver Liu Xiaofeng, pointing his nose to bullying him. Liu Xiaofeng was sitting in jail because he killed someone. Li reprimanded Gu Shiheng for wanting to use money to solve the problem, he would not agree, and whoever made the mistake should pay the price and bear the responsibility.

Lu Xian secretly investigated that the death of Shuangjiao’s mother might have something to do with the Gu family. Lu Xian felt uneasy. If Shuangjiao knew it, he would be sad and sad. Lu Xian wanted to protect Shuangjiao from any harm. .

When Junjie and Zhu Yan were dating, Zhu Yan’s boss suddenly called and asked Zhu Yan to finish all the work before leaving get off work. It was Junjie who had been waiting for Zhu Yan. Today is Zhu Yan’s birthday. It is Junjie who pretended to The boss sent a message, blaming the boss for being inhumane, and he couldn’t even have a good birthday. Zhu Yan snatched the phone angrily and blamed Junjie for being a young child. This would also affect her future work.

It was Junjie who left sadly. He could see that it was always in Zhu Yan’s heart. Think of him as a child who is not growing up. When Zhu Yan found out that Junjie had not sent any news, she was also full of self-blame. In Zhu Yan’s computer, there is a short video recorded by Junjie, congratulations on Zhu Yan’s birthday in advance. This video is hoped to be played when the two celebrate together. Zhu Yan was moved to tears, but she called Junjie When the time, the other party has already shut down.

Wang Qianqian gave Li Dongxian a set of clothes. Li Dongxian was excited and wanted to announce the good news between him and Wang Qianqian in the company, but Gu Renqi preemptively announced that he would propose to Shuangjiao and pay all his future income. It was Shuangjiao to keep it, and at the same time, it was Junjie and Zhu Yan to discuss this romantic marriage proposal. Gu Renqi also went to a hotel to arrange a marriage proposal. After Gu Renqi left, Jiang Wenchi entered the hotel and pretended to be Gu Renqi’s.

Lu Xian knew that Liu Li was going to make trouble at Gu Shiheng’s house and deliberately pretended to be someone Gu Shiheng sent to negotiate with Liu Li. Liu Li was very tough and asked Lu Xian to go back and tell Gu Shiheng that his father went to jail for Gu Shiheng’s crime. It was Gu Shiheng who killed someone with a car. If Gu Shiheng didn’t pay the price he offered within three days, he would not easily let him go.

Lu Xian went to find it was Shuangjiao. I wanted to tell this incident to Shuangjiao, but when he saw that it was Junjie who secretly helped Gu Renqi plan the details of the marriage proposal, it was Junjie who hurriedly hid the drawing after Shuangjiao returned. There was the appearance of Shuangjiao’s happiness, Lu Xian couldn’t bear to let Shuangjiao lose her happiness, and in the end he couldn’t tell the matter.

Lu Xian suddenly remembered that Liu Li had threatened to give money within three days, otherwise Gu Shiheng would not be better off, and the time of this design proposal happened to be that time. Lu Xian realized that something was going to happen and hurried to the hotel where he proposed the marriage. . At this time, at the scene of the marriage proposal, Shuangjiao was taken over without knowing it, and her good girlfriend Zhu Yan suddenly put her wedding dress on the boat for Shuangjiao, and Gu Renqi appeared in the brightly lit place while the fireworks were set off.

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