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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 24 Recap

The grandmother was seriously ill, Ming-gu and the others were very worried, and Ming-gu and his father suggested a snow praying ceremony. Princess Pu came to the county palace. Xie Xiaoman learned that her grandma was sick recently and she wanted to go back to Su’s house. The princess agreed to let her go early. When Xie Xiaoman came back to Su Mansion, she heard the angry voice of the concubine. She asked her mother what was wrong.

The mother said that the old lady was in a coma and Su Tingshan sued her uncle and concubine to the court, saying that she wanted Su Changji from Wujiang Mansion. Already handed it up, the church will open tomorrow. Xie Xiaoman said that her grandmother said something to her before she fell into a coma, which seemed to mention the distribution of the family property. The grandmother said at the time that after her, all her family properties and shops were left to Yuzi and Minggu.

The next day, Zhao Xiaoqian took Xie Xiaoman out and was stopped by Mother Zhu. Mother Zhu wanted to take Xie Xiaoman to serve the princess. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Mother Zhu to step aside, and the princess rushed to say that she was noisy and yelling early in the morning. This was the rule of the Principality. Xie Xiaoman explained that she had to go out to the court to testify in the case of the family. The princess did not answer her and asked Mother Zhu instead.

Mother, this is the rule that Mother Zhu brought out. Zhao Xiaoqian walked forward and said that the princesses and grandmothers who were early in the morning were here to stop him. What happened today? Did the sun rise earlier than Wujiang Mansion in Biandu? He made the rules of the Principality Mansion. If the princess Qianren couldn’t bear to deal with him, Xie Xiaoman must come out of this door today. The queen stick blamed Zhao Xiaoqian, and Zhao Xiaoqian asked Zhong Ziyan to take Xie Xiaoman out first.

Above the court, the plaintiff and the defendant were arguing, and Xie Xiaoman rushed to the court as a witness. The adult believed that Xie Xiaoman and Su’s family were related by marriage. Her testimony was innumerable. Just as the adult was about to close the case, Xie Ruying rushed to stop him. Xie Ruying asked him if Master Xie had a private meeting with Su Tingshan. When Su Tingshan came to him that day, Xie Ruying happened to see him. Xie Ruying asked him whether he could still get the case. .

Wearing the clothes of the common people and eating the food of the common people should not be deceived by the common people and should not be used privately by public law. Xie Ruying told him not to know the law and violate the law. Master Xie had to submit the Su family property case to the state government for appeal, and the Wujiang prefectural governor tried to decide.

Xie Xiaoman caught up with Xie Ruying and thanked her, Xie Ruying asked Xie Xiaoman to help forward a letter to Li Su, and she wrote everything she wanted to say in the letter. At the beginning of the snow praying ceremony, Ming Gu chanted prayers and danced swords, and Yan Boyang and a young man made snow artificially on the roof. The princess sent Mother Zhu to warn Yan Nengfu to let him follow the decision of the county government.

The princess asked Mother Zhu how things were going on in Biandu. Mother Zhu replied that she had received a secret letter, thank you from the brother of the Xie family. Mother Xun, Mother Zhu said that even if Xie Xiaoman was no matter what he was doing, she wouldn’t dare to gamble with her brother’s future life. Mother Zhu handed Xie Xun’s jade pendant to the princess.

Xie Ruying is about to get married. She laughed at herself when she looked at the dresses secretly hurt. The subordinates reported to the head of the mountain. Just now, there was news from the government that Li Guangwen’s family properties in Biandu had been seized and sealed up, and Bailu Academy was also on the list. On the second day, the Su family property case opened. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu accompanied their uncles and concubine to stand in the public hall, while Zhao Xiaoqian sat nearby and listened, while others watched outside. The 妗子 stated the matter, and Xie Xiaoman, as a witness, also said that what he heard his grandma said that day and Mrs. Su had already added a written official document.

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