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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 23 Recap

Ming Gu and Xie Xiaoman came to Jingnv Pavilion and heard others say that Xue Sanniang had not come today to say a kiss with Yan Boyang. Xie Li followed Fenniang, and Fenniang turned around and told him that she could not go to and from school with him in the future. Her father’s order came down to work as a errand in Tongzhou, and her mother had to go and she naturally had to follow. Fenniang took out the villain and gave one to Xie Li and kept one for herself. Xie Li wanted to say something to her. She didn’t listen to him and said goodbye to him and went home.

Yan Boyang took a stack of letters and threw them all the way. Finally, Xie Li just saw the letters on the ground and picked them up. Zhao Xiaoqian waited for Xie Li at the gate of the mansion. He asked Xie Li to learn nothing before New Year’s Eve and gave Xie Li a pony. Xie Xiaoman’s patient feet Xie Li read, let Xie Li carry it but Xie Li did it wrong. Xie Li took his own things and ran out the door, Xie Xiaoman chased out angrily, Zhao Xiaoqian stopped her. Zhao Xiaoqian talked to Xie Xiaoman about Yan Boyang and Minggu, and he proposed to arrange them to the house tomorrow and sit down together to have a chat.

Xie Li took the letter written by Yan Boyang to Minggu in the academy and received it. Minggu happened to see that she was a little curious. She used to see a few words from Minggu. She opened a letter which was a love letter written by Yan Boyyang. She So they all went along with the letter. Yan Boyang took Xue Yanwan to the prefectural palace. The atmosphere of the few people at the dinner table was subtle, and they left before eating. Xie Xiaoman came to see Xie Li and saw that he was not studying well while drawing symbols. She was very angry to catch up with him and wanted to beat him, but was stopped by Zhao Xiaoqian who rushed over.

Yan Boyang caught up with Xue Sanniang, Xue Sanniang was very angry, Yan Boyang apologized to Sanniang. Xue Sanniang could see that Yan Boyang and Su Minggu were affectionate, and there was no need to use her as a shield. Xue Sanniang said that she was not one of those women who couldn’t get married. If her husband was thinking of others, wouldn’t it be a shame if she still married him? She Xue Yanwan was not worried about her husband. She asked Yan Boyang to marry her first if she wanted to marry her. Forget Su Minggu.

Grandma asked Minggu to tell her that no matter what kind of things she encounters in the future, she must be upright and upright. Grandma said that Erlang from the Yan family is a good boy. If Minggu encounters Kan’er, she has to find a way to go over. Try to go around the curve, or you will be tired forever thinking about this in the future. Minggu looked at the letter written by Yan Boyang, and felt that her grandma was right, and she had to step over when she met Kan’er.

As soon as Xie Xiaoman came to the college, she heard that Xie Li was missing. She was very anxious and asked Zhao Xiaoqian what was going on with them. Zhao Xiaoqian arranged for someone to marry Xie Li and took Xie Xiaoman to the street to find Xie Li. Ming Gu came to Xiangqiao and didn’t see Yan Boyang but saw Xie Li. It turned out that this letter was written by Xie Li to his classmates. Ming Gu asked Xie Li what was going on. Xie Li said that he wanted to write a letter, but he didn’t know much, and he was afraid of making mistakes. Fenniang would make a joke. So when he wandered on the street, he saw a letter on the ground and he copied it. .

Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman rushed over and found Xie Li. Ming Gu asked Zhao Xiaoqian where Yan Boyang was. After learning that Yan Boyang was having dinner with Xue Tongpan’s house in Taipinglou, they hurriedly left. Xie Xiaoman scolded her brother, Xie Li cried and she was a little bit at a loss, Xie Li told her own thoughts. Zhao Xiaoqian comforted Xie Li to stop crying. He took Xie Li to find Fenniang. Xie Li stopped crying and quickly agreed. Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian took Xie Li to find Fenniang. Minggu came to Taipinglou to find Yan Boyang, broke into Yan Boyang’s box and pulled him away.

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