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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 22 Recap

Zhong Ziyan was given the opportunity to take a separate exam, and Zhao Xiaoqian and others sent him to the exam. Several people remembered that Zhong Ziyan was hanging up, and Yan Boyang even asked Frog to bless Zhong Ziyan to win the palace. Shi Deng’er gave Zhao Xiaoqian an umbrella. They were standing at the gate of Gongyuan. Zhao Xiaoqian looked at Gongyuan and asked Shi Deng’er beside him how many days had been sent to Biandu’s Zhezi. Shi Deng’er answered that it had been ten days. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Shi Deng’er to help him make an appointment with Lingniang, and he invited her to eat at Taipinglou. After Zhong Ziyan finished his exam, Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu came to pick him up.

Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Zhaowen were eating at Taipinglou. Zhao Xiaoqian already knew about Biandu, but this time he had to let her down again. He would not marry her or return to Biandu. Zhao Xiaoqian has written a memorial to the official family. They all grew up in the palace. The official family treats them like their own children. Naturally, Shen Zhaowen will not be embarrassed.

Minggu confessed to Zhong Ziyan that now Zhong Ziyan is going to Biandu to participate in Chunwei. He wants to go to Ouchi to see the official house. He has a bright future, but she is different. She wants to stay in Wujiang Mansion and be an ordinary citizen of the market. Yes, their futures are completely different and they may never be together, but she just told him that she was pleased with him. Zhong Ziyan said that she did not have this blessing, but she would definitely meet better if she was so good. Zhong Ziyan asked Ming Gu if she hadn’t paid attention to Yan Boyang’s thoughts, and asked her that Yan Boyang was pleased with her.

The official decreed that Zhao Xiaoqian’s nobility should be sent down and banned, and the father-in-law said that Zhao Xiaoqian had handed over the paper to himself. Zhao Xiaoqian asked the master to pass the memorial to the official. He was willing to surrender the Lord and never leave Wujiang Mansion. The master was very angry that iron was not made into steel. Xie Xiaoman went to Zhao Xiaoqian. Zhao Xiaoqian said that Xie Xiaoman, the daughter of the Han Dynasty of the Zhao family, was pleased to marry her as his wife. He asked if Xie Xiaoman was willing, and Xie Xiaoman was moved and nodded in agreement.

The queen asked the princess to go to Wujiang Mansion, regardless of whether the marriage between Zhao Xiaoqian and Lingniang was successful, she wanted to bring him back. After Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian discussed about Xie Xiaoman’s intention to become a teacher in the college, Zhao Xiaoqian refused. Xie Xiaoman’s father chased the carp to fight, and Xie Xiaoman came to discourage him. When he asked, he knew that he had failed the exam and passed the third grade. Xie Xiaoman was angry that he grabbed the whip in his father’s hand and was going to chase the carp. His father quickly grabbed it. Up her.

Aunt Ming went to comfort Li’er. She said that her mother used a stick to beat her when she was a child. Li’er said that he was stupid, while Aunt Ming said that he hadn’t fully grown his brain. Ming Gu thought of a way for Li’er to memorize it all by rote when someone who could not learn it, when others asked, they would definitely think he was too smart. Ming Gu learns that Li’er has someone she likes, and she encourages him to tell him if she likes it. Don’t go around like her for so long thinking that she has got it, but in fact she lost everything in the end.

Yan Boyang’s mother gave Yan Boyang a face to him. Several young ladies asked him if he was scorned. Yan Boyang refused every time he came back. She asked Yan Boyyang where he didn’t care. Mrs. Yan Boyang asked who Yan Boyang wanted to see and what he wanted. What she gave him was also the face of Wujiang Mansion.

The people with the face always refused to criticize others. Besides, how embarrassed his father was when he looked back when he was still on a errand. . Yan Boyang’s mother said that the next one was Xue Tongpan’s daughter Xue Yanwan, and she asked him to take a good look. Yan Boyang couldn’t say to go, so his mother told him not to go to the academy and the gate of Yan’s mansion not to go out.

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