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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 21 Recap

Xie Xiaoman won the first prize in the female Qiuwei, Mr. Liu gave Xie Xiaoman a hairpin, and Xie Xiaoman worshipped Mr. Liu. Aunt Ming stole the money her mother was planning to buy a shop and found Zhong Ziyan’s family status in her room. Xie Xiaoman and Yan Boyang learned that they should go to Aunt Ming as soon as possible.

Shan Chang received a letter from an old friend of Biandu. He mentioned in his mind that Li Su’s father, Li Guangwen, seemed to be a major corruption case involving the imperial court. He has been thoroughly investigated and temporarily banned from the residence. There is no final conclusion. Li Su’s father followed Xu Xiang’s party. Due to corruption, the two parties of Xu and Qin are incompatible, and Li Guangwen is also implicated. The funding for the academy has always come from Li Guangwen.

Shan Chang communicates with Li Guangwen. He always asks about Li Su’s situation at the end of the letter. The mountain leader knew that Li Su and his son had always been separated, but after all, blood was thicker than water, and it was almost winter in Bian. The mountain leader hoped that Li Su would go back and take a look.

Ming Gu gave Xu Shu five hundred guan as promised, but Xu Shu didn’t intend to help explain clearly. Xie Xiaoman and Yan Boyang found Xiao Zhangtai, and Yan Boyang punched Xu Shu as soon as he came in. Ming Gu knelt down and begged Xu Shu for help. Yan Boyang said that his father’s affairs with Yan Nengfu and Zhong Ziyan couldn’t be resolved, and she didn’t need her to kneel to Xu Shu.

Yan Boyang asked Xu Shu today if he threatened Su Jiashao’s treasurer if he was not worried about the accountability of the law. Xu Shu became even more angry when he heard it. He grabbed the vase behind him and wanted to smash Ming Gu. Yan Boyang ran over to stand in front of Ming Gu. The vase hit Yan Boyang’s back. The government officials came and grabbed Xu Shu.

Zhao Xiaoqian decided to go to the battlefield, but he won’t come back this time. Anyway, what he wants to do in his life is not to be handsome, and he asks the master to fight any difficult battles, even if he orders. Liang Ji rushed to tell Zhao Xiaoqian that Zhong Ziyan Qiuwei had been banned for cheating, and he was shocked. Zhao Xiaoqian went back and found Zhong Ziyan who was drunk and punched him and scolded Zhong Ziyan.

Gu Ming went to Yan Boyang to see Yan Boyang but was told that Yan Boyang was not at home and Gu Ming did not see him. Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Yan met in the jail. Zhao Xiaoqian hoped that Shen Yan would write a letter asking Liangzhe Road to issue an essay. With the essay, he could call Gongyuan’s alternate questions and let Zhong Ziyan take a separate exam again. Shen Yan couldn’t help either. Bian had known about this for a long time. If Zhao Xiaoqian insisted on joining the army and insisted not to marry Lingniang, Zhong Ziyan would never want to enter the examination room again in his life.

As soon as Zhao Xiaoqian got up in the morning, he heard that Zhong Ziyan was out of town by himself last night, and he came to eat at the stall opened at Zhong Ziyan’s house. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu also came, and Zhao Xiaoqian would take Zhong Ziyan to a place to eat some fruit in the evening. Zhao Xiaoqian took Zhong Ziyan to the place where he and Xie Xiaoman saw Kun last time, and Xie Xiaoman gave them the fruit they ate last time. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Zhong Ziyan if he had thought about what would happen to his life if he participated in Qiuwei. Zhong Ziyan naturally thought about it, participated in Qiuwei, went to Chunwei, entered the palace test, and became a student of the emperor.

In the future, he will be a local official for three years and then return to Biandu to worship under the political sect. The ruler and the wat are for the heaven and the earth to establish the heart for the living and the people and for the peace of all ages. Ming Gu told Zhong Ziyan not to be discouraged, this matter has not been finalized yet. Xie Xiaoman heard that if they saw the beasts, they could still make a wish. If they really saw Kun, she proposed to make a wish together. Before long, Kun really appeared, and several people shouted their wishes.

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