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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 9 Recap

Li Qian couldn’t get out without dodgeing from the left and right. He simply ran into Ning Chengming’s head forcibly. Then he broke free smoothly, pinched his waist and asked what Ning Chengming wanted to do, but Ning Chengming suddenly took out the tester. I tested Li Qian’s temperature and heartbeat, and found that Li Qian’s temperature increased significantly when he was with him. She was secretly proud but didn’t realize that she was far higher than Li Qian’s temperature, and nosebleeds flowed out.

Qi Wei anxiously waited for Ning Chengming’s news, but he never waited. Cao Mei approached Qi Wei on his own initiative and handed it to Qi Wei to sort out the meeting materials. Qi Wei was unable to resist. At this time, Li Qian who was at home was going crazy, hoping that the matter would be over quickly so that she could get rid of Ning Chengming completely, and Ning Chengming had been writing on the paper the relationship between the two and analyzing all the suspicious points.

When Gu Zhe opened her eyes and found that Gu Lan was no longer there, she found the note left by Gu Lan just after she wanted to be happy. She just went out to do something and will come back soon, and threatened Gu Zhe not to call home. At this time, Gu Zhe realized that his fan account had dropped 200,000 followers. The agent reprimanded Gu Zhe for requesting to meet. Gu Zhe complained repeatedly, believing that Gu Lan insisted on using her account to do sentiment analysis. .

Ning Chengming specially made breakfast for Li Qian. Li Qian was excited and happy. Ning Chengming found that the corner of Li Qian’s mouth was covered with crumbs and took the initiative to wipe her off. Li Qian’s heartbeat speeded up and hurriedly found an excuse to go back to the room. In order to further test the relationship between him and Li Qian, Ning Chengming asked to see Yu Qingqing, Li Qian’s good girlfriend.

Li Qian lied that he could not return from studying abroad, but unexpectedly, Yu Qingqing suddenly drove over, and it was Ning Cheng who opened the door. Ming, when it was inevitable, Li Qian asked Yu Qingqing to send her to work. Ning Chengming proposed to invite Yu Qingqing to have a meal in the evening and have a good chat. Yu Qingqing was eager to inquire about the gossip and quickly agreed.

Qi Wei found out that when Cao Mei asked him to organize the minutes of the meeting, he quietly put the button-tap in his bag. Qi Wei pretended that the bag was broken by a water pipe burst. He rewritten the minutes of the meeting in the office early in the morning and buttoned the button. He returned Cao Mei and pretended that he didn’t know it was a bug. Cao Mei knew that he had underestimated Qi Wei.

Gu Lan went to find Li Chen, who was filming. In fact, Li Chen and Gu Lan are unmarried couples, but they are both based on family interests. Gu Lan came to live with Gu Zhe because of forced marriage at home, and she wanted Fleeing marriage, in fact, Gu Lan and Li Chen didn’t want to get married, but no one dared to propose to divorce, worrying that their family would cut off their financial resources. Li Chen is the producer and director, so he can help Li Qian create a fake love environment. The layout of the house is carefully designed by Li Chen. Gu Lan came to Li Chen again, jokes that Li Chen even made some romance dramas, and even believed that shit is true love.

Li Qian told Yu Qingqing before and after meeting Ning Chengming, and said that it was just to tease Ning Chengming, and it could be regarded as revenge when he was in college. Yu Qingqing believed that the people who wanted to kill Ning Chengming might be those who were killed. The student he offended, Ning Chengming back then can be said to be harsh to the extreme. Almost all of his subjects were missed and retaken. Otherwise, they would be retaken by others. It can be said that no one does not hate him.

At this time, Gu Zhe sent a message asking Yu Qingqing and Li Qian to go to a meeting. Yu Qingqing satirized that Gu Zhe was a waste boss. As soon as he arrived in the meeting room, Gu Zhe sat on the floor and everyone should do what they should do. It is commonplace to disagree.

Ning Chengming found a book about Ning Chengming’s information in Li Qian’s room. Only then did Ning Chengming know that he had a teaching assistant named Qi Wei, but the name of this person was not in the address book. The teacher of the School of Finance and Economics, where did Ning Chengming go directly to find Qi Wei to understand things, but Qi Wei didn’t see him. Instead, he saw a few students who said that Ning Chengming is simply the old fox among the old foxes. Not only is he harsh to the students, but also four. A girlfriend and a fiancée are simply the scumbag among the scumbags. Ning Cheng has no place to show himself.

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