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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 11 Recap

When Cao Mei woke up drunk, he found that Qi Wei was gone, but the bug had returned to her. Not only did he think Qi Wei was an interesting person, he also underestimated Qi Wei before. At this time, Ma Hao in the company got news that some people had found out the problem of the fund gap in the accounts and asked to hold a meeting quickly. Ma Hao quickly called Cao Mei back.

Under the press of shareholders, Jiang Hao said that Ning Chengming had disappeared. Everyone was shocked and blamed Cao Mei and Ma Hao for concealing such an important matter. Cao Mei stabilized the situation and claimed that Ning Chengming was not missing. In order to cover up the lack of funds, he could only temporarily silence Ning Chengming’s absence. He also believed that Ning Chengming would come back soon, so everyone kept silent.

When Ning Chengming was on the bus, he saw a couple having conflicts. The man quickly coaxed the woman. The two kissed and got off the bus. Some of the passengers thought it was women who liked men. So It can be coaxed easily, if the woman doesn’t love it, she can’t coax it well. Ning Chengming remembered that this seems to be the case between himself and Li Qian. The rumored Ning Chengming is a scumbag. It stands to reason that Li Qian should be very angry, but Li Qian didn’t mean to be jealous at all, and never played any tricks.

Tempered, unlike the girl and boy just now, she was angry when she just forgot her birthday. Ning Chengming was worried that he and Li Qian were breaking up right in front of him, so after going back, he specifically slammed Li Qian, and told Li Qian to be temperamental in front of him, and he could just say what he wanted. Li Qian was flustered, and quickly moved out of the agreement to block between the two, and said that everything would be done after the agreement was over.

In order to return to being in love, Ning Chengming sent Li Qian to work specially, put on a helmet for Li Qian, and told Li Qian to come back early. He bought a lot of food to cook for Li Qian and not let Li Qian eat. Instant noodles, Li Qianxin thumped for fear that he would fall and leave in a hurry. At this time, the private detective who had been following Ning Chengming took pictures and sent messages to Li Jingfan and Li Jun. Li Jingfan was furious and thought it was Ning Chengming’s desire to hook up their daughter Li Qian. But according to the private investigator’s reply, Ning Chengming should have really lost his memory.

Gu Zhe works as an emotional anchor on the Internet. Yu Qingqing heard it and asked Gu Zhe. Gu Zhe admitted that he was afraid that Li Qian would ignore him, so he became an emotional anchor. Yu Qingqing suddenly realized that Gu Zhe had a different relationship with Li Qian. Feelings. Gu Lan expressed great support for Gu Zhe’s work.

Cao Mei also pretended to be calm at the meeting. After the meeting, he asked Ma Haoning Chengming if he was really dead. Ma Hao must have been dead again and again, and he wanted to show Cao Mei the photos at the time, but Cao Mei didn’t dare to go. Look. Recalling the appearance of being with Ning Chengming back then, Cao Mei was holding a photo of the two of them in distress. At this time, when the secretary came in to deliver the documents, he informed Cao Mei that Qi Wei disappeared for no reason and did not ask for leave. It seemed that he was absent. This made Cao Mei a little puzzled.

Yu Qingqing learned about the content of today’s company’s senior meeting from Jiang Hao and guessed that Ning Chengming might have been sentenced by a colleague. Although Li Qian didn’t like Ning Chengming and thought he was very conceited and unpleasant, but Ning Chengming It’s not a bad person. I think of the people around him dealing with him. If Ning Chengming knows about it, he will still be sad. Thinking of Ning Chengming’s sadness and Li Qian’s inexplicable sadness, this scene fell into Yu Qingqing’s eyes. Here, he noticed that Li Qian was different from Ning Chengming, Li Qian hurriedly denied, but thought that Ning Chengming should be helped.

Li Chen and Li Jingfan met with Gu Lan’s parents together. They remained intimate in front of both parents. They pretended to be the object of their passion. Li Chen deliberately picked food for Gu Lan and showed concern. Gu Lan’s parents were very pleased, and they felt that Li Chen and Gu Lan’s personalities complement each other and are the most suitable match, but this kind of coping style meeting made Li Chen very uncomfortable.

They had agreed with Gu Lan a long time ago to find a reason. Leaving together, watching Gu Lan leave something, Li Chen hurriedly offered to send her off, but Gu Lan refused. Gu Lan laughed and told Li Chen to accompany her parents. Li Chen was unwilling and had to leave on the surface. This form and Gu Lan sent a hug to say goodbye, which made both parents happier, but Li Chen’s heart was miserable, and he secretly blamed Gu Lan for leaving him temporarily.

In order to help Ning Chengming recover as soon as possible, Li Qian bought a lot of medicines and went back to make Chinese medicines, but Ning Chengming, who was afraid of hardships, refused to take them. Li Qian had to think of a way to play games and guess coins. If he lost, he would take medicine. , Ning Chengming suddenly came and agreed.

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