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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Zhe had a meeting and wanted to talk about the company’s recent problems. As a result, those problems are all in the past. Moreover, Yu Qingqing and Li Qian who should be dealt with have been dealt with. Gu Zhe is even more a veritable waste. Gu Zhe suddenly broke up. Li Qian went to comfort him. Gu Zhe was also very depressed. He finally wanted to be an anchor, but his sister got rid of fans, but fortunately, suddenly there were fans who rose to 500,000. , The company also asked Gu Zhe to open an emotional column every Friday.

I heard that Ning Chengming was being chased by a group of students in the school. Li Qian hurried over and successfully rescued Ning Chengming. He asked Yu Qingqing to drive to the school gate in advance to wait for a smooth escape. Li Qian wanted Yu Qingqing to go back first, but Yu Qingqing went to Ning Chengming to gossip and wanted to know about him and Li Qian. It just so happened that Ning Chengming also wanted to understand Li Qian’s affairs, so she offered to let Yu Qingqing eat and did it. Cook instant noodles with a good dish.

Ning Chengming asked Li Qian to help wear an apron. Li Qian looked serious. Yu Qingqing secretly took a few photos. Although Ning Chengming made instant noodles, they were also rare and delicious. Ning Chengming’s soul tested Yu Qingqing and asked several tricky questions. Li Qiansheng was afraid that things would be revealed, implying that Yu Qingqing would retreat when she saw the opportunity. Ning Chengming also deliberately distracted Li Qian, and asked Yu Qingqing if he was bad before.

Yu Qingqing explained the situation of Ning Chengming in the school more severely, and also told Li Qian to write a thesis, which led to Li Qian About the coma, Ning Chengming felt that he was a scumbag, and Li Qian was so kind to her, which made Ning Chengming even more ashamed to Li Qian, and finally found out the reason why he had to break up with Li Qian at that time. It’s him that Ning Chengming is too scumbag.

Yu Qingqing’s suitor, Jiang Chao, was from Ning Chengming’s company. Yu Qingqing asked Jiang Chao to inquire about Ning Chengming’s disappearance. It turned out that there was no news yet, but before he disappeared, a chief financial officer had disappeared. I don’t know if it is related.

Li Qian sent Yu Qingqing away. Yu Qingqing thought that a lot of Ning Chengming had been said today, and that Ning Chengming had also heard of the handwritten biography of the library at school. This is unique to Ning Chengming. In fact, the first page and The second page was written by Li Qian, that is, he was asked by Ning Chengming to rewrite the essay harshly, but then those messy things were fabricated by other students. Yu Qingqing felt that today Ning Chengming had gone to school and came back and was frustrated, so he always inquired about what happened at that time, and felt that he was a scumbag, but Yu Qingqing believed that if Ning Chengming felt scumbag enough, of course he would break up with Li Qian It’s the best thing.

Cao Mei always got close to Qi Wei in order to find out more. This made Ma Hao feel uncomfortable and jealous. Cao Mei refused to take Cao Mei to discuss matters. In the end, Cao Mei took the initiative to ask Qi Wei to talk about matters tonight, which made Ma Hao jealous. That night, Cao Mei took Qi Wei to the bar, and never waited for a client.

Cao Mei actually didn’t have a client appointment at all. Instead, Qi Wei accidentally put something in his bag and encouraged Qi Wei to drink a lot of wine. Qi Wei stayed awake all the time and saw that Cao Mei drank too much and asked to drive Cao Mei back on his behalf, but Cao Mei was drunk and unconscious and did not provide his home address at all. Qi Wei had to cover his clothes on Cao Mei in the car. Just after closing the door, a man in black appeared behind Qi Wei and asked if it was Qi Wei himself.

Li Qian saw that Ning Chengming was better off for Ning Chengming’s frustration. Ning Chengming’s arm hurts. Li Qian even gave the medicine back to him. His serious concern made Ning Chengming heart.

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