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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 19 Recap

Zhao Yushan excused that he was old and ignored, and he had given Zhao Yuxi the front yard of the old house, and asked Sun Guangming to discuss with Zhao Yuxi. Sun Guangming still regarded Zhao Yushan as the old Zhao’s family. Zhao Yushan didn’t want to take care of it. Sun Guangming had to give up.

Zhao Yuxi asked someone to move and moved into Zhao’s old house with great fanfare. Guilan and the grandmother disagreed, and Zhao Yuxi’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Sun Guangming came in time to call Zhao Yuxi aside and persuade him to continue to live. In this home, Zhao Yuxi had intended to build a bed and breakfast in the old house, but the condition was to dismiss Li Jian’an and let him be the village director. Sun Guangming scolded him for his lack of virtue.

Zhao Yuxi made an excuse that the old mansion enshrines the ancestor tablets of the old Zhao family. He was worried that the tourists would collide with the ancestors, so he ran away in anger. Sun Guangming had to come to Liu Fugui, persuading him to convert his house into a homestay, and promised to help him find someone to design. Liu Fugui fully agreed, and he also proposed to dismiss Li Jianan and let Zhao Yuxi be the village director. Sun Guangming felt Zhao Yuxi’s ability Limited, not suitable to be a village director, but Liu Fugui is full of confidence in Zhao Yuxi.

Sun Guangming came to Zhao Meifeng and persuaded her to use the idle land to build a homestay and increase the income of the supermarket. Zhao Meifeng worried that the money invested would not be collected. She wanted to wait for the villagers to open the homestay and use the supermarket to reap the benefits of the fisherman.

Sun Guangming Had to leave disappointed. Finally, Sun Guangming came to Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang and asked them to persuade the villagers to build a homestay. Liu Haitang felt that the people of the old Zhao’s family would use the homestay as a bargaining chip and forced Sun Guangming to dismiss Li Jian’an. Li Jian’an listed the old ones. The Zhao family occupied a lot of land, so Sun Guangming took back the land first. Sun Guangming hit the wall again, and he had to leave in anguish.

Sun Guangming ran in the village all day, only to return disappointed. He sat in the yard in a daze. Zhao Yushan saw him from a distance and went home without saying a word. Xu Youyou ridiculed Sun Guangming. She was going to work in the city tomorrow. Sun Guangming was sent to the city to report on work. Xu Youyou jokes that he has not achieved any results and keeps talking ridiculously.

Sun Guangming came to attend the debriefing meeting on time. The other nineteen village secretaries all told about their work achievements. Sun Guangming was ashamed. Secretary Yu named Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming truthfully reported everything he had encountered in the past three months. Secretary Yu asked him to think about what else except vegetables and pancakes. Before Sun Guangming could answer, someone stood up and praised Sun Guangming for his cooking skills. He ridiculed the many cooks he had trained and tasted Sun Guangming’s craftsmanship. Sun Guangming couldn’t laugh or cry.

After the meeting, Sun Guangming personally cooked bitter gourd stuffed shrimp and let Secretary Yu taste it. Secretary Yu saw that he had something on his mind. Sun Guangming described in detail the conflict between the two major factions in the village. Secretary Yu supported him to build a homestay in the village. Sun Guangming asked Secretary Yu to approve special funds, but Secretary Yu refused to give him a penny, only giving him ideas to use the power of the organization to fight the dispute between the two factions.

Sun Guangming immediately decided to hold a village party meeting, but many party members were working outside. Sun Guangming asked Yimin and Li Jian’an to notify all party members to come back for the meeting. The party members who were working outside rushed back one after another. Wu Juying arrived late and enthusiastically gave everyone snacks. Sun Guangming was too disturbed and wanted to take everyone to revisit the party oath.

There was a sudden power outage in the village, and the meeting room was dark. Li Jian’an suggested finding time for a meeting. Sun Guangming insisted that it be today and asked Feng Jinbao to go to the supermarket to bring a few candles. The party members sat together, the light of the candles shining on everyone. The grandmother remembered the Lantern Conference that year, and the others were also very excited. Sun Guangming took everyone to take the oath and revisited the party oath.

Sun Guangming asked everyone to talk about their experience of joining the party. He first talked about the original intention of joining the party. The grandmother recalled her unforgettable experience of joining the party under bullets and bullets, and everyone present was moved by it.

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