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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 3 Recap

Shi Che became very interested in Lu Miao. It was the information of the murderer in the Reuters novel and the nickname for Lu Miao. Faced with the boy’s unreasonable troubles, Lu Miao was very helpless. After Shi Che’s repeated “harassment”, she finally remembered that this person was the righteous boy who drove away the gangsters by bicycle on the night that she and Jiang Haoyue were beaten.

The school basketball team recruited people, and Shi Che filled out the list very decisively. However, when he entered the team test, he had excellent physical skills but failed to enter the school team as he wished. It turned out that Shi Che’s father was the principal of the school. He always hoped that his son could study cultural courses well, and he did not want him to develop in sports. However, Shi Che, who loves basketball, was reluctant to follow his father’s arrangements. This time he lost the election, it must be his father. Stubborn.

Jiang Haoyue’s chemistry training began and met Qu Wei, the first place in the national chemistry competition the previous year. Qu Wei took the initiative to ask for a friendly chemistry game with him, but Jiang Haoyue had no feeling for him and indifferently refused.

During the school appearance check, Shi Che deliberately dyed his red hair in order to retaliate against his father, and provoke the principal in public. Facing his rebellious boy, Principal Shi was very angry and helpless, and severely asked Shi Che to dye his hair back, otherwise he would take a big mistake.

Because of declining academic performance, Lu Miao went to the small bookstore to return the unfinished comic book at the request of his mother. When he met a red-haired Shi Che, he discovered through exchanges that he was the person called “Young Master Crazy.” Shi Che felt that the two people had similar preferences, so he took her to his secret base-a private basketball court. Two boys and girls who were not satisfactory in their studies released their depression and unwillingness by dunking.

Lu Miao believes that Shi Che doesn’t necessarily have to join the school team if he wants to play basketball. Maybe he can start a basketball club. Knowing that Principal Shi will definitely not pass the application request, Lu Miao offered the basketball president to hang himself. Name. For this, Shi Che was very grateful, and took the initiative to teach his ridiculous little skills in learning mathematics to others.

At home, Lu Miao used the skills he learned from Shi Che to learn mathematics while talking on the phone with Jiang Haoyue, telling some interesting things about the school these days, focusing on the new classmate Shi Che, and facing his sister’s enthusiastic introduction. Jiang Haoyue on the other side savored the meaning of “the situation changes suddenly and the enemy is approaching”.

Lu Miao Shiche’s application for the establishment of a basketball club failed. Several students came to the principal’s office to argue. Faced with the deliberate obstruction of Principal Shi, Lu Miao proposed to use competitions to win the quota for the establishment of the club. The school basketball team is strong. How can a few ordinary students who have not received much special training compare to it? However, the vow has been taken, and the only way to drive the ducks to the assault training is to go to the game.

In the chemistry training class, in the face of Jiang Haoyue’s indifference, Qu Wei’s interest remained unabated. He probably had the joy of meeting opponents first in the world, so he kept pestering others for the game, and even secretly took Lu Miao and gave it to him. Jiang Haoyue’s little amulet, facing such a difficult opponent, Jiang Haoyue reluctantly agreed to the game. After losing the Quwei Chemistry Competition, he accepted the bet and returned the amulet, and invited the students to eat supper.

On the other side of the school, the basketball game, although Shi Che and others have tried their best, they still lost to the professional basketball team. Faced with such an outcome, Lu Miao still pleaded with the principal in private, to no avail.

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