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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 33 Recap

Li Xintian was worried that they would come to the house for investigation. The mother and daughter hid the book, thinking that Li Da would not always be able to fool around. The Japanese wanted to change the teaching materials. Li Xintian was very worried. He wanted to go back to his hometown to find Li Da. Recently, many students in the class said that they would move away from Peiping. Wang Huiwu didn’t think about leaving. He just had to go through the enemy-occupied area to Hunan. Tickets are also difficult to buy.

The next day, the Japanese army suddenly came to the house to search. The traitor asked Wang Huiwu where Li Da was, and put Wang Huiwu in custody, saying that they were suspected of propagating anti-Japanese and inciting public opinion. Wang Huiwu said that Li Da had returned to his hometown, but the other party didn’t believe it and took Wang Huiwu away.

Li Xintian’s third sister and brother came home after class, but saw Wang Huiwu being taken away. The enemy could not catch Li Da and cast his anger on Wang Huiwu. Later, the Communist Party rescued her and took the children to and fro for several months and finally saw Li Da, and the family finally reunited.

Mao Zedong is writing to Wang Jiaxiang, and Wang Jiaxiang will give a report at the Communist International next month. The central government decided to let Dong Biwu go to Wuhan to take charge of the preparatory work. Chiang Kai-shek made a speech in Nanjing, acknowledging the legal status of the Communist Party, and the anti-Japanese national united front was formally formed. Yang Zilie came to northern Shaanxi and met Zhang Guotao.

The two had not seen each other for many years. Zhang Guotao tried to find Yang Zilie, but there has been no news. Yang Zilie was helpless in Shanghai and had to go back to his hometown for refuge. Zhang Guotao asked about his son Zhang Haiwei, and Yang Zilie continued to say that he took Zhang Haiwei back to Shanghai and had to work as a nurse in order to make ends meet. Zhang Guotao felt guilty, he thought Yang Zilie had remarried long ago. The comrades in the office said that Yang Zilie would send Zhang Haiwei when he arrived, and the family would finally be reunited.

After Chen Shaoyu returned from the Soviet Union, he proposed to recognize the Kuomintang’s leadership position, and not to overemphasize independence and disapproval of the decision-making of the Luochuan Conference. Liu Shaoqi didn’t dare to agree with this point of view, but Chen Shaoyu looked incontrovertible. At this meeting, although Mao Zedong disagrees with Chen Shaoyu’s views, he did not refute at the meeting, but he still insisted on the bottom line. Zhang Guotao came to see Mao Zedong. Tomb-sweeping Day was approaching.

He applied for a tomb sweep at the Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum as a representative. Mao Zedong promised to put it in the meeting and ask the central government to make a decision. Tomorrow Zhang Guotao was leaving. Yang Zilie said this was a good opportunity to show his face and specially helped him prepare new clothes, but Zhang Guotao was not in a good mood. Yang Zilie went back to the house to help Zhang Haiwei cover the quilt, and helped Zhang Guotao change his clothes. He was puzzled to see him walking around restlessly outside.

The pro-Japanese faction represented by Zhou Fohai contacted the Japanese through various channels, and he has already turned to Wang Jingwei. Zhou Fohai supported the Sino-Japanese peace talks, and Ying Zuo also wrote a letter hoping to pass it on to Chiang Kai-shek. The Japanese guards stated that they did not use the Kuomintang as their opponent and violated Chiang Kai-shek’s taboo.

Zhou Fohai suggested starting from the other side and launching peace talks with a person who is capable of establishing a new regime. This person is none other than Wang Jingwei. In the past two years, Zhou Fohai and Wang Jingwei have been very close. If the peace talks are successful, Wang Jingwei can replace Chiang Kai-shek. This is what he dreams of, so Zhou Fohai is sure that Wang Jingwei will not refuse.

Mao Zedong received an urgent telegram saying that Zhang Guotao had run away. Only then did he realize that Zhang Guotao had long planned to contact the KMT and quickly took action. He had a lot of secrets of our party, and the influence was extremely bad. Wuhan. Zhou Enlai rushed to see Li Kenong when he received the telegram. They had to stop Zhang Guotao at the train station and not let him be picked up by the Kuomintang.

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