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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 31 Recap

Zhou Enlai decided to give up the position of General Political Commissar to Zhang Guotao. Mao Zedong worried that the position of General Political Commissar would really satisfy Zhang Guotao. In the Zunyi Conference, in order to avoid the division of the Red Army, Zhang Guotao served as the General Political Commissar of the Red Army and divided the Red Army into two routes northward. After the conference, Chen Yun was sent to Shanghai to pass on the instructions of the Zunyi Conference.

After Zhang Qiuyang and Chen Yun joined, Zhang Qiuyang gave Chen Yun an address to find a contact person. He didn’t expect that this person was Chen Tanqiu. Chen Tanqiu was also injured, his feet and ears were injured. The Communist International asked them to go to Moscow as soon as possible. Chen Tanqiu decided to take the waterway, and Mr. Soong Ching Ling would help.

Dong Biwu was worried that if they could not continue to walk out of the grassland, they would continue to reduce their staff. This place is very dangerous, and everyone can only eat wild vegetables in the barren area. A comrade ate a wild vegetable and found it to be poisonous, so he quickly let people know. Dong Biwu gave him his yam, and he saved his ration to make others hungry and fainted. This time he still insisted. Mao Zedong and Zhang Wentian are discussing Zhang Guotao’s whereabouts. Until now, Zhang Guotao is still deciding between going south and going north.

He has tried to establish authority in the party several times, and it would be difficult for him to implement the policy. Fortunately, Zhu De and the Zuo Lu Army and Zhang Guotao commanded together, and Zhang Guotao couldn’t act arbitrarily. Zhang Guotao refused to go north, and learned that Zhang Guotao was attempting to endanger the secret cables of the Party Central Committee, and the Central Red Army immediately led troops to go north.

Zhang Guotao was furious because of this and kept claiming that they were escapeism. Zhu De persuaded him to talk, but Zhu De decided that the left army should go south, and Zhu De, Liu Bocheng, and Mao Zedong had to draw a clear line of escapeism. Zhu De said that he completely trusted Mao Zedong. Even if he was split in half, his relationship with Mao Zedong would continue to be cut. Liu Bocheng also resolutely supports going north, and Zhang Guotao threatened to sanction them.

Mao Zedong decided to go to northern Shaanxi, where there is a base area similar to Jiangxi. This base area in northern Shaanxi was hard-won. After more than 20 days of arduous marching, the Central Red Army finally arrived in northern Shaanxi and consolidated the Northwestern Revolutionary Base. The Northeast Army wanted to fight back to the Northeast, so Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai decided to give preferential treatment to the prisoners, take political classes, and run a school.

Luo Fu and Dong Biwu have already found a place for class. Although they are getting older, Dong Biwu is not afraid of hardship at all. However, Luo Fu was still worried that Dong Biwu would be frozen, and gave him a cotton-padded jacket for him to wear in class. Lin Yuying is here. It is important for the Communist International to send him back. One is to establish contact with the Central Committee, and the other is to convey the instructions of the Communist International.

Lin Yuying conveyed the combat spirit of the united front and united to fight Japan to save China. Mao Zedong brought up the matter of Zhang Guotao. He sent a telegram to the Central Committee in the name of the Party Central Committee and established a separate Central Committee in western Sichuan, completely exposing his ambitions.

Mao Zedong hoped that Lin Yuying would use the representative of the Communist International to persuade some comrades in the Fourth Army, and was willing to make some concessions temporarily. Zhang Guotao received the telegram from Lin Yuying and himself, thinking that he was on his side, and also wanted to obtain the support of the Communist International through Lin Yuying, so that he, the Party Central Committee, would be justified.

The January 29th Movement broke out, setting off the climax of the anti-Japanese movement. The streets have been chaotic recently. Wang Huiwu and Li Da have heard that all places are supporting the students in Peking. As long as everyone unites and slogans stop unanimously resisting the Japanese, they will be heard. The children came back with flyers issued by college students on the side of the road.

When Wang Huiwu saw it, he lost his temper and beat Li Xintian. She just passed by the place where the military police arrested the students. The students were all seriously injured. She was afraid that the children would be killed by the military. The police caught them indiscriminately. Li Da went to persuade Li Xintian, saying that Wang Huiwu was afraid that they would be anxious for a while. Li Xintian had some questions about the flyer. Li Da talked to her about the fall of North China.

Wang Jingwei was shot three times by the assassin and went to Shanghai for medical treatment. As his confidant Chen Gongbo accompanied him, Zhou Fohai came to visit. Wang Jingwei is going to Europe for treatment, so Chiang Kai-shek will completely control power.

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