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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 24 End Recap

After Li Daixuan died, Chang Ming was panicked, so after Yao Meng returned home, she deliberately bought the navy army to discredit him to prevent things from being exposed. Not only that, Chang Ming pretended to show his favor to Xiao Mu, tempted her to sign a brokerage contract, then bought the draft and spread rumors, spreading embarrassment in the circle, and even slandered Xiao Yuanshan as a trafficker.

However, Chang Ming’s plan seemed to be seamless, but it was defeated by a call record. Now Chang Ming was dismantled by Yao Menggui, and then turned into anger. He wanted to kill people but failed. Yao Menggui counterattacked. The voice of a police car came from outside. Seeing that Chang Ming was taken away by the police, Yao Meng was relieved. She and Xiao Mu put down their grudges and made good things again.

Considering that this incident has had a great impact, Yao Menggui has no chance to return to the entertainment industry, so she intends to settle in Canada. Moreover, the victim and his family did not agree to announce the case. I am afraid it is difficult for her to prove her innocence. When Yao Meng returned to Xiao Mu’s look lost, she was finally reassured, saying that she actually didn’t like being an actor, but just wanted to get everyone’s attention, but only later found out that those who seemed to like her particularly liked her. The auxiliary skin, as for who is under the skin, didn’t care at all.

The next morning, when Xiao Mu woke up, he found that Yao Menggui was busy in the kitchen. Even though she was not good at cooking, she made breakfast by herself. Because Yao Menggui decided to go to the airport at noon, Xiao Mu had no reason to stop, and he looked a little depressed. At the same time, Song Ci spoke with Uncle Jiang and proposed to cancel the contract and set up a studio on his own, which is good for both parties.

Under the first snow is shortlisted for the Golden Road Awards, but all the leading actor and actresses and supporting actors participating in this film are likely to attend the awards ceremony. Upon learning of this, Xiao Mu immediately called Yao Menggui, wanting her to take advantage of this chance to win the prize and stay in China. However, Yao Menggui’s heart is determined, Xiao Mu really has no choice but to discuss with Chen Mo to pretend to be Yao Menggui to participate and help her return to public view.

At the Golden Road Awards ceremony, everyone walked across the red carpet in front of the spotlight. Looking back at the past year, they were filled with emotion. Just as Xiao Mu came to the stage to accept the award and gave his testimony, it was unexpected that Yao Menggui came in from the door to publicly reveal the secret between her and Xiao Mu. Long before the event, Yao Menggui had contacted Chen Mo to make the game, hoping to use this opportunity to let Xiao Mu enter the entertainment circle openly and fulfill his dream.

Banana obtained first-hand information from Chen Mo, revealed the news in advance, and soon attracted the attention of a large number of fans. Yao Menggui believed that Xiao Mu was a born actor. She regretted what she had done before and blessed her sister’s glorious harvest today. Faced with the gaze of hundreds of people, Xiao Mu solemnly introduced herself.

Leaving the awards hall, Xiao Mu ignored the surrounding media footage and ran over to hug Chen Mo and kiss him. Following the exposure of Xiao Mu’s love affair, Yao Menggui would also leave by car. When she was reading the news of her sister, she did not expect Song Ci to get in the car and claim that she had bought a ticket and flew to Italy together.

In the days that followed, Xiao Mu and Chen Mo appeared in front of everyone as lovers, passing by the bridge and reminiscing about the past, Chen Mo thought that he had been used as a scavenger, and even a takeaway sent an empty water bottle. As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Mu stretched out the mineral water bottle. This scene made him suddenly realize that they had already met each other long ago.

Accompanied by Chen Mo, Xiao Mu accepted an interview from the media, telling about the dreams of actors. She hoped that the audience could see a different self and the various souls under this skin. After finishing the interview, Xiao Mu took Chen Mo’s hand and walked out the door together to welcome more unknown surprises.

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