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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Qingqing forced Gu Zhe to call Li Qian to report the betrayal of the company in advance, but after Gu Zhe dialed the phone, he did not dare to say anything. It happened that Li Qian had to take a day off because of something. Gu Zhe agreed without saying anything. , And hung up the phone in a hurry, so angry that Yu Qingqing hurriedly called back, Li Qian’s phone was turned off because of no electricity.

Li Chen and Yu Qingqing went to see Li Qian together. They were so scared that Li Qian quickly turned off the light in the room and hid behind the curtains and secretly looked down. Shocked, Li Chen and Yu Qingqing left without finding Li Qian. Every time Li Chen appeared in front of Yu Qingqing, her heart rate accelerated.

As long as Li Chen had a smiling face, Yu Qingqing could be happy for a long time. It turned out that Yu Qingqing and Li Qian met Li Chen on the basketball court for the first time when they were in school. It fell in love at first sight, but Li Qian warned Li Chen not to play Yu Qingqing’s idea. For these years, Li Chen also regarded Yu Qingqing as his sister.

After a month in Li Qian’s mind, everything can be done. She is also anxious to obtain the original copy of the video and have some evidence of Ning Chengming’s murder. Then she can tell Ning Chengming that she lied to him because she wanted to save his life, so that Ning Chengming would not blame it. She’s gone.

At the same time, Ning Chengming also drew something on the blackboard in the room. Recalling his various behaviors with Li Qian, he put a big question mark behind the relationship between Li Qian and him.

Before Li Qian went to work, Gu Zhe begged Yu Qingqing not to tell Li Qian about the sale of the company, because it was not sold anymore. Yu Qingqing also knew that it was because Li Jingfan cancelled the acquisition that he would not sell it. He blamed Gu Zhe for a few words. I agreed. When Li Qian went to work, Gu Zhe did not dare to face Li Qian’s leave to rest. Unexpectedly, Gu Lan suddenly attacked again as always.

He played a cat and mouse game with Gu Zhe in the room, and finally covered Gu Zhe in the fishing net. Next, she still had to eat at Gu Zhe’s face, because her parents took away the nanny when she was traveling, and she didn’t have anything to eat. Gu Zhe disagreed at first, but Gu Lan knew that Gu Zhe’s fear was Li Qian, so he scared Gu Zhe to call Li Qian about Gu Zhe’s betrayal of the company. Gu Zhe was so scared that he immediately agreed to Gu Lan’s. All conditions.

Gu Lan remembered that Yu Qingqing, who had dragged Gu Zhe away at the reception that day, asked if she was a new girlfriend. Gu Zhe truthfully stated that Yu Qingqing was actually the director of legal counsel. Gu Lan despised Gu Zhe’s secret love for Li Qian for many years and did not dare to confess, Gu Zhe quickly explained the pure friendship between the two. Seeing the many fans of Gu Zhe’s game account, Gu Lan couldn’t help replying with itchy hands.

Gu Zhe couldn’t help strangling Gu Lan, but she was helpless. As a result, the person on the other end of the Internet who asked the question was Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming was not sure whether he was in a romantic relationship with Li Qian and hoped to get advice. Gu Lan asked Ning Chengming to keep confessing the girl and just say something about her. Hsi Han asked Nuan and looked at the response of the other party. As a result, Li Qian, who was in the meeting, didn’t know how to respond to Ning Chengming, and simply pretended not to see it.

At this time, because a previous employee of Li Qian’s company developed a software when he was in the company, but after he left, he went to Ning Chengming’s company and used this software. After it was released to the market, it caused a conflict between the two companies. process result. Cao Mei invested 500,000 yuan to buy out this product. Yu Qingqing, who was so angry that he was about to sing a red face, lost his temper and insisted on seeing the court. Li Qian, who was originally singing the white face, found Cao Mei’s request for the two parties to cooperate in the development of software, and Gu Zhe’s company must own 55% of the shares, and Cao Mei had to agree.

In the evening, Li Qian, who was victorious, returned home. For fear of being asked about how to reply to Ning Chengming, he simply deleted all the messages from Ning Chengming one minute before entering the house. As soon as I walked into the room door, Ning Chengming pulled in and drove into the wall.

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