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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 7 Recap

It was checked that everything in the refrigerator was actually vegetarian, and it was out of date, which is enough to prove that our Miss Li Qian does not cook every day, and the fox Ning Chengming is close to Li Qian’s cheeks. Li Qian blushed to the root of his ears. This made Ning Chengming a little curious and asked why Li Qian blushed. Li Qiansheng hurriedly changed the subject for fear of being seen as her little shy, claiming that he could indeed cook, but these things were out of date. Ning Chengming simply proposed to eat out. Since the two are lovers, there must be a restaurant that they often go to.

Li Qiansheng was afraid of being seen through and proposed to eat takeaway, but even though Ning Chengming was mentally injured and amnesia, it did not mean that he was a fool and insisted on going out to eat. Li Qian thought hard and finally thought of a restaurant. The biggest feature of this restaurant is the owner. Like to pretend to be acquaintances with all customers. Sure enough, when Li Qian and Ning Chengming entered, the boss warmly received the two of them. They looked like old acquaintances. Ning Chengming suggested that ordering dishes should be the same as before. Li Qian gave them a look. The boss understands in seconds, there are a few dishes and the specialty dishes of the shop.

Suddenly Ning Chengming noticed that there were photos of couples on the wall, and even last year’s photos. Ning Chengming stood up curiously and wanted to see if Que was held tightly by Li Qian until the boss came over. Li Qian made eye contact and asked the boss why their photo disappeared last year. The boss immediately understood that the point of this sentence was “missing”, so he had to find a reason for the disappearance and lied that the shop had been renovated. How many A photo was accidentally lost. Among them were Li Qian and Ning Chengming. Li Qian was relieved and was extremely satisfied with the answer. The boss took advantage of the trend and suggested that the photos will be available every year and can be retaken this year. The two people walked awkwardly together and took a photo and posted it on the wall.

Ning Chengming proposed to go shopping in a nearby supermarket to cook for himself. This immediately got Li Qian’s response. As long as he was cooking at home, he didn’t have to go out to eat, and he didn’t have to worry about running into acquaintances. Li Qian took Ning Chengming to a nearby restaurant. A supermarket unexpectedly met Mr. Yang from the kindergarten. Mr. Yang wanted a gift, but he couldn’t get it because he didn’t have a relationship with him. I happened to see Ning Chengming and Li Qian. Li Qian was so scared that Li Qian went into hiding, but she was finally found out by Teacher Yang and pulled to help. Some pictures suddenly appeared in Ning Chengming’s mind while hiding. It was when he was in college. He reprimanded Li Qian for the picture and reprimanded Li Qian for a zero score in the exam.

When Teacher Yang asked the two of them to help pick up the items, they were questioned by the store. They believed that the two were not real lovers and asked them to kiss in public. Ning Chengming was generous to kiss Li Qian. Li Qian hurriedly stopped and lied. There were too many people to kiss, and he stared at the store asking for gifts. The store was shocked by the momentum and hurriedly handed over the gifts. Teacher Yang received the gift and didn’t talk too much about Li Qian’s childhood. This disappointed Ning Chengming. He wanted to know more about Li Qian.

Li Chen sneaked home early in the morning, but was caught by his brother and father Li Jingfan. Li Chen wanted to pretend that the folder in his arms was a new project. When the eldest brother wanted to see it, Li Chen scared it and opened it and he had to invest. Twenty million, the eldest brother was so scared that he didn’t dare to open it, but Li Jingfan on the side was not afraid. He opened it directly, only to find that it was Ning Chengming’s personal information.

Seeing that the incident was exposed, Li Chen had to talk about Ning Chengming. In fact, Ning Chengming was a high-achieving student in the finance department of a prestigious foreign university. After he came back, he became a teacher at the university. Then he suddenly went into business for some reason. Now he is also a small celebrity in the investment industry. The rising star. In Li Jingfan’s eyes, these have become irresponsible.

It is a waste of high-achieving students to return to be teachers. When a teacher becomes a teacher, it is a negligence. Li Chen hurriedly followed Li Jingfan’s words and said, this Ning Chengming took a poker face all day long, and he didn’t look good to anyone. The only thing he was walking closer to Li Qian made Li Jingfan even more worried, so he made Li Chen. take care. At the same time, Li Jingfan also cancelled the acquisition of Guzhe Company.

According to the tricks left by Ning Chengming, Qi Wei went back to the company if he couldn’t find Ning Chengming. After thinking about the reasons, he said that he was scolded by Ning Chengming. Qi Wei is also a good performer, and he works as a company. Sister Jun asked Qi Wei why he returned to China. Qi Wei listed Ning Chengming’s serious and harsh side with a nose and tears, and also scolded him back. Ning Chengming is very harsh to everyone in the company. This is obvious to all. Therefore, although I don’t believe it, I can’t find a reason to refute it.

Just after coming out of Jun Jun, Cao Mei took the initiative to say hello. The relationship between Cao Mei and Ning Chengming is very unusual. They are now a legal consultant, but they were Ning Chengming’s girlfriend before. Now, after breaking up, Cao Mei can’t let go of his heart. Ning Chengming, it can be said that it was because of love and hatred that he wanted to vent her anger, but he didn’t want to really hurt his life. This made Ma Hao feel uncomfortable. He wanted to get Cao Mei but he couldn’t get it. Cao Mei approached Qi Wei deliberately, trying to find out where Ning Chengming was, but Qi Wei was very slippery, and he did not know, so Cao Mei did not ask anything of value, and ordered someone to secretly stare at it. With Qi Wei.

After Li Qian and Ning Chengming went back, they passed by the playground downstairs. Li Qian couldn’t help but feel confused. It was the place where her mother used to swing. However, he was very happy to have fun, completely disregarding the appearance of Li Qian who was also anxious to play. His mother also let Li Qian swing by herself, but never helped push the swing. Li Qian pouted and even began to wonder if he was his own, but to his mother Li Qian every time she thought of it, she was full of smiles. Man, although her mother knows nothing, but in her heart her mother is the most beautiful.

Ning Chengming didn’t know what Li Qian was thinking, and when she knew she wanted to play on the swing, she took the initiative to help push the swing. Li Qian’s happy laugh echoed in the sky, watching Li Qian’s handsome face couldn’t help but want to kiss, since she was in the public You can’t kiss on the occasion, it should be possible when there is no one around, but Li Qian rejected Ning Chengming again. In order to prevent Ning Chengming from becoming suspicious, Li Qian lied that the two had an agreement that was due within a month and that they could not kiss now. Ning Chengming said that he would abide by the agreement.

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