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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 6 Recap

Li Qian admitted that he had deceived Ning Chengming, but he fabricated a set of steps for Ning Chengming to break up with her. He blamed Ning Chengming for refusing to tell the reason. Ning Chengming finally understood why he came here. People didn’t live together anymore, and seeing Li Qian’s pears raining was naturally a bit of self-blame, but he didn’t know that those tears were wasted in exchange for a bottle of eye drops.

When Li Qian took Ning Chengming to buy something, he saw the hirer. For fear of being spotted, Li Qian hurriedly blocked his sight. Ning Chengming saw a group of lovers kissing and thought that Li Qian was dangling in front of him to get Kiss, aside from anything else, Ning Chengming stepped forward and kissed Li Qian. Li Qian was a little stunned, and pushed Ning Chengming away. Only then did Ning Chengming realize that he had misunderstood.

Li Qian also specially applied for an upgrade to Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming was worried that Li Qian would not be upgraded because of insufficient money, and he was unwilling to upgrade. However, Li Qian reminded Ning Chengming that he should be more comfortable when he is injured. Later, Li Qian sent another message to his second brother and arranged what happened after Ning Chengming got off the plane.

Gu Zhe took the lead back in China, and sent Jin Yi WeChat to pick him up, but he didn’t expect that Jin Yi’s head was actually Yu Qingqing’s pretender. Yu Qingqing drove up Gu Zhe, berating Gu Zhe about to sell the company, and The person who asked Gu Zhe to go to Li Rong refused to collect the money. Gu Zhe did not dare not listen. Yu Qingqing was forcibly dragged to the banquet hall. When Yu Qingqing was not paying attention, Gu Zhe hurried away but was given by his sister Gu Lan. Pulling his ears to take away, but didn’t expect Yu Qingqing to chase Gu Zhe, Yu Qingqing forcibly took Gu Zhe away.

The internet expert knew that the hirer had missed his hand, so he used the patchwork technique to get a photo. The photo showed that Ning Chengming was dead. Soon the hirer received the balance payment. After receiving the photo, Ma Hao was happy. .

Li Rong’s boss Li Jingfan appeared at the banquet, and Yu Qingqing dragged Gu Zhe to meet Li Jingfan. Ma Hao and Li Jingfan also looked respectful. Yu Qingqing bluntly asked Li Jingfan to consider Li Qian’s feelings before making a decision. . I kept thinking about this sentence on the way back. Li Jingfan remembered seeing Li Qian’s mother who was pregnant many years ago, hoping to take her away, and blamed Li Qian’s mother for not concealing such a big thing, but Li Qian’s mother did. Knowing that Li Jingfan could not give her a marriage, he smiled and refused. Li Jingfan has been sending money all these years, but his mother confiscated it once and returned it intact. It was nothing more than writing thank you on the back of the remittance slip.

The second brother Li Chen is not Li Qian’s second brother, but a classmate at school. Li Chen’s mother died of a dystocia, but she really envied Li Qian’s good mother. Li Qian always complains about her mother except for drawing and painting. She can’t do it. She can almost order the kitchen when she cooks. She is also very curious about how she survived. Li Chen said with a smile that Li Qian’s mother was Bao. Since then, Li Chen has become Li Qian’s second brother. Claiming to cover Li Qian.

According to Li Qian’s intentions, Li Chen arranged for someone in the room in advance, and also found some extras, ready to fool the upcoming Ning Chengming. In Li Qian’s room, a group photo of her and Ning Chengming was placed in advance, so as not to be suspected by Ning Chengming. Li Qian also opened the refrigerator to check which ingredients are available, but found that it was out of date, and Ning Chengming also Looking up and looking at the two heads next to each other, Li Qian’s face suddenly turned red, and his heartbeat accelerated.

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