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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 5 Recap

The hirer found a network expert, and quickly entered the hotel’s monitoring system and found the room where Ning Chengming was located. He sneaked into the hotel silently. Every move in the hotel was watched by the network expert, and he was commanded by remote control. Employers dodge and avoid being discovered.

At this time, I thought Gu Zhe had already taken a plane back. Li Qian and Ning Chengming were eating. Li Qian unceremoniously ordered a large table of food and delicacies for himself. Ning Chengming was greedy and wanted to eat, but Li Qian told His food hasn’t come up yet, and what he has been waiting for is a bowl of white porridge, which makes it difficult for Ning Chengming to swallow. He also looks at the delicious food on the table in front of Li Qian from time to time. Li Qian has very good reasons. Now Ning Chengming, who is in poor health, can only drink porridge, but Ning Chengming has not had time to drink porridge.

Li Qian saw Gu Zhe not far away, so scared that Li Qian pulled Ning Chengming and hid under the table, and forced Ning Chengming to go to the bathroom on time. Ning Chengming said that he did not want to go to the bathroom, but Li Qian had a reason. Sufficient. Tell Ning Chengming that he should go to the toilet if he drinks too much porridge, and press Ning Chengming with the doctor’s words. Ning Chengming can’t explain that he didn’t drink porridge at the root of his teeth.

Although he is reluctant, he injected in Li Qian’s stern eyes. The next is still obedient. In order to prevent Gu Zhe from making calls, Li Qian set his mobile phone card to busy. Gu Zhe thought that Li Qian was always on the phone. Li Qian took advantage of Gu Zhe’s carelessness and crawled out of the hall and hurried back to the room. As a result, Gu Zhe also chased into the room. He had to find the little man in the room. Of course, he found nothing.

Qi Wei suddenly received a text message from Ning Chengming, informing him of the room number he was in, and ordered to arrive within ten minutes, Qi Wei hurried over with his injuries. But he saw the man who beat him. The man had searched Li Qian’s room at this time, but found nothing. He was afraid that more people would leave in a hurry, so he pushed Qi Wei away. After running away, Qi Wei hurried to catch up.

Qi Wei chased the figure of the hired person all the way, but he was not as fast as the other party, and was soon lost. Qi Wei then remembered to look for Ning Chengming, but he didn’t know where to find Ning. Ning was no longer in the room. The figure of Cheng Ming.

And all this was seen by Li Qian hiding behind the curtain. Li Qian realized that the hirer was the one who chased Ning Chengming, and the car accident did not make the hospital chase after him. He chased all the way here, worried that Ning Chengming would have an accident. Li Qian I couldn’t bear to leave him, but also packed up things for Ning Chengming and prepared to leave.

Yu Qingqing was counting days in the office looking forward to Li Qian’s return, but suddenly learned that Li Capital had done due diligence. Yu Qingqing realized that maybe Gu Zhe was going to sell the company, so she was anxious to call Li Qian, but Li Qian called Show shutdown.

When Ning Chengming packed for Li Qian and went back to the hallway and met the lobby manager, the lobby manager slapped his horse to greet him, and was even more worried about what he did not do well, so that Ning Chengming moved to the 1314 room, which is enough to prove him. He and Li Qian didn’t live there in the first place, so what Li Qian said is not credible. For this reason, Ning Chengming went back and asked how much Li Qian had deceived him. Li Qian’s mind was spinning quickly, collecting all suspicious clues, and preparing the materials. Deceive the fox, because she is really not sure how many clues the fox has. But first Li Qian admitted that he had indeed deceived Ning Chengming.

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