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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 18 Recap

That night, Zhang Zihao knocked on Yue Lan’s room door, and asked her to go for a walk in the village with the excuse that she had something to discuss. Yue Lan did not refuse. Xu Weiyi saw this scene and suspected that Zhang Zihao had ulterior motives, so he quietly followed. Followed by. Zhang Zihao took Yue Lan to the big locust tree and took the opportunity to show her love to Yue Lan.

Yue Lan repeatedly stated that it is impossible for the two of them and can only be ordinary friends. Rotten beat, claiming to achieve a relationship between a scumbag and a tyrant, Yue Lan suspected that Zhang Zihao was making up for the regrets of his student days, and rejected him face to face.

Xu Youyi secretly photographed the whole process of Zhang Zihao’s courtship of Yue Lan, hurried back to report to Sun Guangming, and tried his best to persuade Sun Guangming to chase Yue Lan back. Sun Guangming pretended to be calm and did not allow Xu You to mix the matter. Zhang Zihao and Yue Lan returned to the barn together. Yue Lan went back to the house without saying anything. Zhang Zihao asked Sun Guangming for his experience in pursuing Yue Lan. After all, they were in love for eight years and almost got married. Sun Guangming persuades Zhang Zihao gave up as soon as possible, because he and Yue Lan were not the same people, but Zhang Zihao was not reconciled.

Yue Lan couldn’t fall asleep, remembering the feelings he had with Sun Guangming who died without a disease, and had mixed feelings. Sun Guangming wanted to persuade Yue Lan, but he hesitated when he walked to the door. Yue Lan opened the door and only saw Sun Guangming’s back. Zhang Zihao drove Yuelan back to the city early in the morning. Li Jianan waited for a long time at the entrance of the village. He kindly invited Zhang Zihao to eat at his house and begged Zhang Zihao to invest in the village. Zhang Zihao asked him to pay more attention to feasible projects and wanted to stay in the village. Invest one hundred million.

Zhang Zihao made a military order in front of his grandfather in advance to do a career in Houshigou Village. His grandfather fully supported his decision. Yue Lan worried that Zhang Zihao was unreliable. Zhang Zihao made a promise to her. Yue Lan It depends on his actual actions. Li Jianan discussed with Liu Haitang and wanted to take back the land occupied by the villagers to Zhang Zihao, and Liu Haitang asked him to report to Sun Guangming.

Sun Guangming created his own duck breast stir-fry, and he was still broadcasting live on Weibo. Li Jianan came to Sun Guangming to report his work. Seeing him attentively cooking from a distance, Li Jianan was stunned. Sun Guangming asked him to try it. , Li Jian’an is full of praise for his cooking skills. Sun Guangming’s homemade dishes have attracted the favor of many large restaurants in the city. They have extended olive branches to Sun Guangming and asked him to teach skills. Xu Youyi told Sun Guangming the good news, and Sun Guangming asked the major restaurants to send people to him. learn.

Li Jianan explained to Sun Guangming that he wanted to use Zhang Zihao’s funds for land construction. Sun Guangming wanted to build a homestay first. Feng Jinbao hid aside and heard the conversation between them. He hurried home to report to Zhao Meifeng. Zhao Meifeng was worried about the excess land. Was retracted. After Xu Youyi and Sun Guangming’s unremitting efforts, the occupancy rate of Gu Cang B&B was full. One month later, Xu You only calculated the profit of Gu Cang B&B as high as more than 10,000. Xu Youyi was ecstatic and proposed to double his salary. Sun Guangming strongly opposes the request, insisting on handing over the income to the village.

Sun Guangming convened a village meeting to announce the monthly income of the barn. The villagers were surprised. Sun Guangming called on qualified villagers to rebuild extra houses at home as homestays. The villagers were unwilling to pay and worried that the cost would not be recovered. Osmanthus Wanting to open a homestay without spending money, Li Jian’an and Feng Jinbao both begged Sun Guangming to seek sponsorship from the newspaper. Sun Guangming repeatedly explained that the paper media was sluggish and the newspaper had a difficult life, and they couldn’t spend so much money.

Liu Fugui and Zhao Meifeng spoke coldly and kept asking people from the Bureau of Finance to be the first secretary. Feng Jinbao hurriedly stopped Zhao Meifeng. Zhao Meifeng repeatedly apologized to Sun Guangming and admitted that the barn bed and breakfast had increased her supermarket turnover. Guilan also admitted to selling vegetables. The amount was greatly increased, and Sun Guangming asked the villagers to think about it, and then came to him to sign up.

Sun Guangming and Xu Youyou waited for a long time, and no one came to sign up. Sun Guangming was desperate, and Xu Youyou was very kind to persuade him and suggested building a homestay in Zhao’s old house. Sun Guangming came to Zhao Yushan to discuss with him early in the morning and persuaded him to build a bed and breakfast in the idle house of the old house.

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