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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 23 Recap

Although the family seems to be enjoying themselves, Yao Menggui has noticed the difference between her adoptive parents’ treatment of herself and her younger brother Nick. This kind of polite alienation made her feel too uncomfortable. Since Yao Meng returned to Canada, Xiao Mu has sent messages to her as usual. Although he did not get a response every time, he did not give up because of it.

Considering that Peng Fei resolutely denied taking photos and releasing videos, Xiao Mu and Chen Mo planned to start with the victim. They took the initiative to find Li Daixuan’s mother, and learned that Li Daixuan received a phone call before committing suicide. It can be concluded through the content of the quarrel. It was her best friend who was collecting debts.

At that time, Li Daixuan became emotionally unstable, and finally chose to jump off the building to end her life. Li Daixuan’s mother took out her daughter’s mobile phone, but unfortunately there was no useful clue in it. On the other hand, Yao Menggui, who was far away in Canada, was suddenly broken by the appearance of Song Ci.

The adoptive mother saw that Yao Menggui was hiding from Song Ci, so she asked him to go to the living room downstairs and sit for a while, while she took the initiative to comfort and care. The mother and daughter talked openly for the first time. Yao Menggui wanted to confess his true identity. Unexpectedly, the adoptive mother had already learned about it and even apologized for the mistakes of the previous years.

Because the alienation that Yao Menggui thinks is that the adoptive parents don’t know how to truly express their feelings, so the adoptive mother treats Yao Menggui as her own daughter from beginning to end. Even if she has a son, Nick, it will not hinder her slight love. Knowing the true thoughts of her adoptive mother, Yao Menggui had suppressed the depression in her heart for more than ten years and finally felt relieved. After she solved the family’s problems, the next step was to face Song Ci.

Yao Menggui wants to play a game with Song Ci, and the winner or loser is determined whether the two sides should obey the other’s arrangements. Because of Song Ci’s obsessive emotion, Yao Menggui was moved. She left her last son to defeat Song Ci. At the same time, she let him return to China to live a good life, be an excellent actor, and stop trying to force herself. Originally, Song Ci thought that this passage would be the focus of the relationship, but Yao Menggui took his king out of the border again and restarted their love.

The next morning, Yao Menggui was awakened by a series of news from Xiao Mu, but the last news made her decide to face the problem and flew home immediately. Xiao Mu didn’t know Yao Menggui’s choice, but only after entering the door found that she had been waiting at home for a long time, so he handed over the existing evidence that had been investigated to Chen Mo.

Yao Menggui denied the authenticity of the call records because she had been in a car accident, and she was in a coma during the frequent calls. Xiao Mu thought that when she was pretending to be Yao Menggui, she often received messages or voices from her sister. Fortunately, she kept a few key points, but Yao Menggui took out her past voices for comparison and found that someone was editing forged audio.

Based on this incident, Yao Menggui guessed the mastermind behind the scenes, and simply went to see Chang Ming as Xiao Mu to reveal what he was doing in private. At that time, Chang Ming supported Yao Menggui with all his heart and promoted her as a popular actress. He thought that he would have nothing to worry about for the rest of his life, but Yao Menggui saw through his character and planned to sign Uncle Jiang after the contract ended.

It was Yao Menggui’s move that completely angered Chang Ming. It happened that Yao Menggui was involved in a car accident, so he stole his mobile phone in the hospital while he was in trouble. For a period of time afterwards, Chang Ming used Yao Meng’s identity to order Xiao Mu, and even threatened Li Daixuan for a little profit, and finally killed him.

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