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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 20 Recap

Xie Xiaoman asked Zhao Xiaoqian to let her go, and Zhao Xiaoqian asked Xie Xiaoman to believe that he could solve it. Zhao Xiaoqian retained Xie Xiaoman, but Xie Xiaoman resolutely left. The Qiuwei exam question is the ultimate theory of punishment and loyalty. Zhong Ziyan remembered that the question on the list he had received before was also the same, and his hand with the pen trembled.

Xu Shu Qiuwei was arrested for fraud, Xu Shu said that it was Hall Master Nen Cao who wrote the article on his behalf. The adults compared the candidate’s handwriting and found that the handwriting on Xu Shu’s article was consistent with that of Zhong Ziyan. The people in the Wujiang Gongyuan people spread the word of the Puwang Mansion that Gongsheng Zhongziyan Qiuwei was cheating.

Mr. Liu intends to compile a biography of a Lichaoqi woman, but the history books are too numerous for her to cope with alone. She decided to listen to the leader of Taoge’s strategy and discuss it three days later to help her compile it. Li Su helped Xie Xiaoman review, while Shen Zhaowen asked Zhao Xiaoqian for help. Li Su saw that Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian were wrong and asked what happened to Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman said that they were planning to reconcile and leave. At first, Zhao Xiaoqian was leaving Wujiang Mansion. This might be a good thing for her.

The adults announced that the Chinese characters were involved in bribery and privately leaking the exam questions, and the gangsters who caught the knife for cheating were sentenced to cancel the Jinke Qiuwei and not to take the exam again for life. Ming Gu came to wait for him at the entrance of the examination room, but he left without feeling up. Aunt Ming picked up Zhong Ziyan’s paper crane. She opened it and found that it was Zhong Ziyan’s house.

She realized what had happened to Zhong Ziyan. After returning home, Ming Gu asked his father and mother what the status was if he didn’t hand it in after the exam. Her father said that the failure to turn in must be because he didn’t participate in Qiuwei or something happened when he participated in Qiuwei. Aunt Ming asked what happened, and her mother went on to say that it was cheating.

Minggu went to the Gongyuan to ask the lord what happened to Zhong Ziyan that day. The lord said that he would not enter the Gongyuan for the whole life of cheating in the imperial hall. Gu Ming came to Xiao Zhangtai and asked Xu Shu why he framed Zhong Ziyan. Zhong Ziyan had no idea about the fraud. Ming Gu asked Xu Shu to go to the Gongyuan to explain clearly. Of course Xu Shu did not agree. He couldn’t pass the imperial examination himself. Why did he help Zhong Ziyan? Ming Gu begged Xu Shu for help, Xu Shu ignored her pleading, Ming Gu asked him how he wanted to help, Xu Shu asked for five hundred Guans, Ming Gu agreed.

Xie Xiaoman returned to her room. She found that her book was missing. She asked the wick to find out that Zhao Xiaoqian had been taken away. Xie Xiaoman went to Zhao Xiaoqian angrily, Zhao Xiaoqian said that Ling Niang wanted him to give her, Zhao Xiaoqian refused to let her leave, let her wait for him to change clothes and wait for bed. Xie Xiaoman broke free and Zhao Xiaoqian got up and left. Both of them were very angry and talking angry.

Xie Xiaoman said that Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Zhaowen were not together well, since they were childhood sweethearts, since they are in the right place, and since they have a marriage contract, are they not good together? Why bother to provoke her. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Xie Xiaoman to remember that even if he and Shen Zhaowen were married, he would not allow her to leave. Xie Xiaoman slapped Zhao Xiaoqian and returned to his room angrily.

Everyone had their own thoughts this night. After a quarrel between Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman, they were not in a good mood. Listening to Xie Xiaoman’s cry outside Xie Xiaoman’s room was even more uncomfortable. Zhong Ziyan was drinking in the yard and was drunk. The topic of the female Qiu Wei Ce’s theory was Ming Concubine’s mission, and Shen Zhaowen and Xie Xiaoman had a heated debate.

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