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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 19 Recap

Yang Shanchang gave Zhao Xiaoqian a letter from his students in Biandu. Now all Bian knows that the Puwangfu and the Shen family, who had ruined the marriage contract, are going to marry again, and the palace has already let go. Zhao Xiaoqian wondered why the queen promised that he would marry the Shen family. Shan Chang said that the Shen family belonged to the empress. If Zhao Xiaoqian married the Shen family, wouldn’t it be in her control?

Zhao Xiaoqian resolutely said that he would not marry Shen Zhaowen, and only wanted to ask Mrs. Wu for Xie Xiaoman. He knew that the only mountain leader in Wujiang Mansion was not under the control of the palace. He asked the teacher to hand over the Zhezi to Zongzheng Temple on his behalf. Shan Chang’s return of Zhezi to Zhao Xiaoqian’s memorial is beyond his responsibility. Shan Chang told him that now Teng Gong has not been fettered by all parties, and if Teng Gong comes forward, it will be twice the result with half the effort.

Mingyue bumped into Xie Xiaoman on the street, and Xie Xiaoman took her back. Mingyue said that after Xie Xiaoman left, the family’s harvest was too poor. Her brother fell ill and the family couldn’t afford to pay for his brother’s medical treatment. So he married her to Wujiang Mansion. The matchmaker said that a rich family wanted to marry Xuxian before he knew that the man was a scorpion. The hooligans beat and kicked her every day if they didn’t do business. When Mingyue left, she didn’t want to hurt Xie Xiaoman, she told Xie Xiaoman to leave her alone.

It turned out that Zheng Hai asked Mingyue to find Xie Xiaoman. He wanted to rescue Huang Liu and avenge Zhao Xiaoqian. Minggu Xie Xiaoman and Yan Boyang sent Zhong Ziyan to the Qiuwei exam, Zhong Ziyan went in for the exam, Xie Xiaoman left to find Brother Li, and Xie Xiaoman gave the children a lesson. Shen Zhaowen sent a maid to invite Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman came to the place where Shen Zhaowen was. She saw her mother not far away. Shen Zhaowen said that Biandu Palace agreed to her marriage with Zhao Xiaoqian. Xie Xiaoman saw that Shen Zhaowen’s maid deliberately thanked Xiaoman’s mother. Her mother apologized in a low voice. There was still Shen Zhaowen’s unpleasant words in her ear. Xie Xiaoman slapped her twice and left. Up.

Zhao Xiaoqian found Duke Teng, and he gave the Zhezi to Duke Teng. He said that he wanted to ask Mrs. Wu for the Xie family and wanted Duke Teng to help. Teng Gong felt that Zhao Xiaoqian’s thoughts were naive. He could not marry a wife, but the Prince Pu Palace would never allow it or would not allow it. He asked him if he wanted to resist the decree. If he insisted on leaving her alone, it would have harmed her. The battle in Baichuankou was about to come, so Teng Gong asked Zhao Xiaoqian if he really wanted to be the prince of idleness for a lifetime in the fist-rich Wujiang Mansion.

Xie Xiaoman went to find Mingyue and Zheng Hai’s people and arrested him. It turns out that Zheng Hai was killed because his brother was arrested seven days later because of Zhao Xiaoqian’s arrest, so he arrested Xie Xiaoman and wanted to save his brother. Xie Xiaoman said that Zheng Hai had made a wrong calculation. How could Zhao Xiaoqian take risks for her because of what she was in the county mansion. Not only would he not help his brothers, but also let the remaining brothers in.

Mingyue came to inform the prefectural palace that Xie Xiaoman had been tied up by Zheng Hai, and Zhao Xiaoqian hurried over after hearing this. Zhao Xiaoqian heard what Xie Xiaoman and Zheng Hai were saying when he came to the gate of Zheng’s house, and he pushed the door in. Zheng Hai made a condition that he wanted to beat Zhao Xiaoqian and let Zhao Xiaoqian send his brother back unharmed in exchange for Xie Xiaoman. Zhao Xiaoqian said that deserting was a capital crime. Zheng Hai said that it was Huang Liu’s mother who passed away. He went home for the funeral and was framed by the chief to escape. Several people surrounded Zhao Xiaoqian and beat them. Xie Xiaoman cut the rope with fragments. Zhao Xiaoqian pulled Xie Xiaoman behind him and knocked down the four of them. Qin Jiaotou rushed to capture them.

Zhao Xiaoqian came to the prison to find Huang Liu and Zheng Hai. He gave Huang Liu a chance. After March, Xu Shuai re-entered Zhending, and he allowed Huang Liu to join the army. After three years of military service, Zhao Xiaoqian also allowed him to join the army and fight with his brothers on the battlefield.

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