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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 16 Recap

An Xin was drawing a cartoon, and suddenly heard the yelling of selling candied haws, she heard the sound and looked for it. Seeing the scene of deja vu, she seemed to see herself when she was a child, and walked step by step with the little girl in her memory. When Ling Yue saw An Xin’s painting in Qinghe Town on Weibo’s fan group, he knew where An Xin was, and immediately booked the nearest high-speed rail to find An Xin.

Ling Yue came to Qinghe Town and asked when the grandfather who had just sold candied haws knew An Xin had gone east, so he kept looking. An Xin came to an abandoned room. There was a dangerous strange woman inside. She recalled that the little girl was hurt by the strange woman. She was covering her mouth and couldn’t breathe, and she suddenly fainted. She recalled in her mind that she met a human trafficker here when she was a child, and escaped with a little boy.

Ling Yue found An Xin who had fainted and took her back. An Xin woke up and was surprised to see Ling Yue, and asked him how he knew he was in Qinghe Town. Ling Yue showed her the Qinghe Town painting made by An Xin. She small edamame. Only when An Xin knew that the little boy who ran away with the traffickers when she was a child was Ling Yue, and Ling Yue had already known it when she first came to An Xin’s house and saw the photos of her when she was a child. The two of them hugged tightly. Together, and promise each other that no matter what happens, they will never leave each other.

An Xin and Ling Yue were walking together in Qinghe Town. When they met a very cute puppy, An Xin picked it up immediately, but she didn’t expect Ling Yue to be afraid of such a small dog. The two of them sat on the bridge and painted together leisurely. , Chat, very comfortable.

Back home An Xin suddenly found the tape her mother said when she was a child that there was a dad, and planned to release it, but she didn’t expect that the tape could not be used because of perennial damp. An Xin was very anxious. She also wanted to know who her biological father was, An Xin. Holding a photo that was torn in half, at the same time, Ling Yue found the other half of the photo under the wooden board. The person in the photo was Chairman Gu.

When Ai Li was running in the morning, he found an injured cat. As there was no pet hospital nearby, he called Dr. Xiao. Doctor Xiao rushed over in a hurry. He thought it was Ai Li who was injured. It turned out to be a kitten. . After Dr. Xiao applied medicine to the kitten, he was still wondering how Moxie was so gentle and liked kittens, but it was actually because of the fragility of this kitten that Moxie remembered who she used to be. Dr. Xiao told her there were many people around her. Will always be by her side. They will also raise the cat together and call it Xiao Ai.

After returning home, An Xin went to Chairman Gu’s house to look for him and asked him about his mother. But when he heard this, he lost his temper like dynamite. It turned out that he had thrown An Xin into foster care. He doesn’t believe in An Xin’s mother at all. An Xin did a paternity test when she was born. An Xin is not his daughter. An Xin still had questions in her heart, and asked that the hospital where she was born was Maria No. 1 Hospital.

An Xin immediately took a taxi and went there. When she got to the place, it was in ruins. It turned out that Maria No. 1 Hospital had already closed down, and now a new wholesale market has been built. But the driver not only refused to tell An Xin, but he insisted on paying the toll of 200 yuan. In desperation, An Xin was about to scan the code, but Ling Yue stopped him. Ling Yue warned the driver and asked An Xin to get his car. .

In the car, Ling Yue told An Xin that Ai Li would check for her and told her to rest assured. I also changed Anxin to a new phone. There is a software system equipped with positioning software. As long as he is connected to the Internet, he can always find Lingyue, and Lingyue can also find Anxin. Ling Yue asked An Xin to move over to live with him, and An Xin agreed.

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