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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 15 Recap

Ling Yue returned to the company. Chairman Ling was waiting for him in the office. Ling Yue’s father knew that he owed Ling Yue and hoped that he could give him the opportunity to make compensation to Ling Yue. His family members need to rely on him.

An Xin asked her brother to come home for dinner, takeaways in a special place. An Sheng was also curious about how An Xin’s cooking skills are so good now. It turned out to be a takeaway, but Anxin’s performance is weird, which is incredible.

Ling Yue talked about cooperation with a Japanese company, but the other lion opened his mouth, but Ling Yue was helpless, so he went downstairs to get some air. When I arrived at the mall, I happened to encounter a salesman. I bought it because he didn’t want to be entangled all the time. But when he was about to throw the product away, a reassuring voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Just now when the salesman and Ling Yue introduced the product Saying that this is a cheap substitute for many big brands, Ling Yue recalled that Anxin had also told himself about cheap substitutes. Ling Yue suddenly thought of a way to save the company and immediately called Ai Li. Hold a meeting.

Ling Yueyi changed its plan to cooperate with high-end products in previous years and decided to cooperate with affordable brands for joint names. Here, the Gu Group is conducting an interview. The reporters asked very sharp questions, and most of them were facts, which made Gu Yuanchao a little at a loss.

Newwell’s new plan came out and interviews were conducted at the same time. Everyone learned that all of this was a malicious suppression by Gu Yuanchao. Newwell also managed to come back against the wind. Lingyue not only found many partners, but also carried out with his father. In order to cooperate, Newwell Group successfully took a big step forward because of this incident.

Gu Xiner went to Ling Yue to intercede, but was ruthlessly rejected by Ling Yue. No matter what she said, Ling Yue was indifferent, and Ling Yue also told her that she was powerless now because the court’s summons had been in the hands of Chairman Gu, and she was helpless. Xiner could only leave in despair.

Ling Sheng was very worried about Xin’er after learning about it, so he ran to Xin’er’s house to find her, just in time for Xin’er to jump out by the window and was hugged by Ling Sheng. They recalled that Xin’er didn’t want to study when she was a child. Xiner was still very happy about climbing the railing, so she asked Ling Sheng to accompany her out.

Now the issue between Gu’s Group and Newwell has spread all over the streets, and everyone is also very active in purchasing. In just three minutes, Newwell’s sales exceeded 100 million. Ling Yue was arranging a candlelight dinner at home, preparing Ai Li to come over and celebrate together. But after the doorbell rang, Ai Li said An Xin was gone. Ling Yue hurriedly went to Gu’s house to find Gu Ansheng but was kicked out. Finally found drunken An Sheng in a bar.

It turned out that An Xin had already left, and An Sheng didn’t know where she had gone, but An Xin left because of Ling Yue. An Sheng recalled that when An Xin had a meal last night, she was emotional and confessed, but An Xin was very sad. She did not expect her brother to have feelings for herself different from that of her siblings, but she still left.

After Ling Yue went home, it seemed that a person changed from eating or drinking, and was heartbroken. Both Doctor Xiao and Ai Li tried to persuade him, but it was still useless. Gu Xin’er also brought cakes to find Ling Yue. But Ling Yue didn’t wait to see her. No matter what Xin’er said, Ling Yue also ignored her. Xin’er could only leave. Ling Yue stopped her. It turned out that she asked her to take the cake away. Xin’er said it was. She made it herself, don’t throw it away, as soon as Xin’er left, Ling Yue turned around and threw it away.

An Xin came to Qinghe Town, where it was very quiet. Although she often thought of her memories with Ling Yue, she still restrained her. One morning An Xin was watering flowers by the window, and suddenly she accidentally bumped into it. The flower tray fell down. An Xin remembered the shadow of childhood. She was sitting by the window and said that she would pick the moon for her and jumped down. An Xin’s heart speeded up. Sit down by the bed and started crying.

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