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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 13 Recap

An Sheng waited for her one night downstairs in Anxin. Ling Yue was also a little upset when she saw her, hoping that he would correct his position. An Xin asked why he was here, but An Sheng didn’t know how to answer, so Xin’er stopped and said An Sheng was here to pick her up. On the way back, Xin’er asked An Sheng if she knew she was also his sister. His love for An Xin was beyond the limit. Although she didn’t say it, Xin’er saw An Sheng who loves cleanliness and didn’t shave her beard, so she understood. How much he likes peace of mind, it is no longer his brother’s concern for his sister.

An Xin’s comics accidentally picked up the Wang Ye very popular, known as the future of the national comics world. At this moment, An Xin was interviewed and everyone was very happy.

After An Sheng returned home, his mother saw that he was thin again and blamed him for not taking care of herself. She urged him to find a girlfriend and give him a blind date. It was Aunt Chen’s daughter who had just returned from studying abroad, and An Sheng had to agree.

And here Yo-Yo was also arranged to want to kiss, so will the two people have any contact… In desperation, Yo-Yo agreed to a blind date and arranged a big show. When I arrived at the blind date, I went over and saw that the blind date was actually Ansheng. It was really fateful. However, although the pre-arranged play did not go on schedule, it was also an oolong. Just like this, a few people sat down to clarify the matter, and Yoyo gave An Xin a wink, An Xin understood at a glance, kept matching the two of them, and asked An Sheng to send Yo Yo home.

On the way back, An Xin ran into her fans asking for autographs. Although she was happy in her heart, her pressure increased a lot. At the meeting, Gu’s Group introduced the project of Cainiao Station by Xin’er. The development is very good. But when I heard that the resources are in Lingyue’s hands, he asked Xin’er to call Lingyue, but Xin’er was rejected by Lingyue as soon as he spoke. When Mr. Gu heard this, he personally talked to him about cooperation, but he was also rejected by Ling Yue, and he was discredited at the meeting.

An Xin is working overtime at the company because she has no inspiration. Suddenly the contribution fee is paid. An Xin is happy, making so much money for the first time. Yoyo came to deliver the fruit when An Sheng went to his home, and An Xin was still amazed that he saw his parents so soon. He accidentally picked up a lot of reminders under the Wang Ye’s comments. Ling Yue also specially registered an account to reply to those netizens, and was almost discovered by An Xin. An Xin even teased whether he was watching something shameful, but Ling Yue persuaded him. She should not drive easily.

Ling Yue brought Anxin to Newwell’s warehouse base, told her about his original experience, enlightened Anxin, and Anxin hugged Ling Yue tightly and said that he would not give up.

As soon as Ling Yue returned to the company, Ai Li told him that there was an accident in the company. Obviously, all of this has nothing to do with the Gu Group. Both domestic and foreign companies have been severely suppressed. Gu Xin’er and Ling Sheng were together, when they suddenly saw the news of New Wei, they wanted to publish the news of denial, but they were prevented. It turned out that it was her father who refused to let the rookie station come forward. The eldest brother also got news here, but this time unlike the past, Ling Fang did not watch the delivery, but was a little worried. Gu Xin’er went to Gu Yuanchao to propose an expedient policy, which was to marry the Ling family.

An Xin was drawing comics at home, but she had no inspiration, so she closed the door and turned off her voice. An Sheng called her a lot of phone calls, but she didn’t answer it. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, and An Xin opened it to see that there was no one, but there was a bloody artificial hand in a box, which frightened An Xin. Fortunately, An Sheng appeared in time. An Sheng asked her if she knew who did it. , An Xin said that she didn’t know, it might be a fan, but An Xin knew that it might be Yu Guo. Suddenly Anxin saw that Ling Yue’s affairs were very anxious, and he asked his brother not to tell Ling Yue what had just happened, so as not to cause him trouble, so he ran to the company to find Ling Yue.

Xiner also went to the company to find Ling Yue and asked to have a private chat. As soon as she said that Newwell’s solution was to marry, she was rejected by Ling Yue, and Xiner was careful when she was about to leave, pretending to stumble and fall. When I arrived in Ling Yue’s arms, I happened to be seen by An Xin who had just come in, but this time An Xin reminded Xin Er not to touch other people’s boyfriends.

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