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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 9 Recap

Xiao Mo greeted He Jun. He Jun was invited back to bring the students who had just graduated from aviation school to learn about the simulator. Xiao Mo mainly invited He Jun to take him with his simulator. The mode Xiao Mo chose was Thunder Cloud. This mode was a bit difficult. He Jun suggested to go around from the upper level, but Xiao Mo wanted to try to see if he could pass through. The result was that they “crashed and killed”. Xiao Mo couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated.

Afterwards, He Jun asked him why he wanted to cross the thunderclouds. Xiao Mo thought that if the technology was good enough and the plane could be in time, Mrs. Xia would not die. He Jun said that he pursued perfection more than Ren Yuan, so he was under greater pressure than Ren Yuan, but the excessive pressure became resistance.

Take Captain Sally as an example. Many people only saw Captain Sally rescued the entire crew, but did not see Sally’s ability to use his super technical and psychological qualities to resolve difficulties. Whatever you are afraid of, the more you think about pressure, the more pressure will haunt you. Xiao Mo was alone on the top of the building thinking of what He Jun had just said, and Wu Di, who was dizzy with his endorsement, came up to the top of the building and saw him.

After the two chatted a few words, Xiao Mo went down. Wu Di continued to return to the classroom to endorse the questions. Xia Yu felt extremely bored and wanted to ask Wu Di to eat together. After being rejected by Wu Di, he read the book boredly and fell asleep watching him. Everyone else left the classroom, leaving only Xia Yu daydreaming. He dreamed that he had won Xiao Mo and won the favor of Wu Di.

Luo Dong saw him smirk and took a picture of him with his mobile phone. Xia Yu woke up and ordered him not to send the photo. Xiao Mo and Wu Di took the elevator home again. He stopped Wu Di and asked her to cheer for the exam. Hua Hin tells everyone that there are Chairman Xia Hang and Vice Chairman Lei in the flight today, so everyone must cheer up.

There was a problem with a plane transporting organs. It happened that Xiao Mo was also flying in Beijing. Captain Yu decided to take it temporarily, so there was a lot of delay. In order to reach Beijing as soon as possible, Xiao Mo and the tower applied for a direct flight. At this time, Ren Yuan learned that the aircraft piloted by Captain Yu Xiao Mo was in trouble, and Captain Yu was injured in his hand. Xiao Mo was in charge of the flight and did not return. Ren Yuan was very worried.

The plane encountered strong turbulence. As the flight attendant, Hua Hin calmed the emotions of the passengers through the broadcast. During the turbulence, the incubator was damaged, and the insulation effect was almost gone. Hua Hin hurriedly told the two captains of the news. There were two thunder clouds ahead. Xiao Mo wanted to leave this area as soon as possible, and decided to apply for the control to pass through these two thunder clouds.

Ren Yuan also learned that Xiao Mo and the others were struck by two thunderclouds, and Xiao Mo planned to fly over from the middle of the two thunderclouds. Thanks to Xiao Mo’s excellent skills, he finally drove the plane safely through two dangerous thunder clouds, and the plane returned to stability. After Ren Yuan learned about it, he finally let go of his hanging heart. Before getting off the plane, Xia Hang also took a special look at Xiao Mo.

Ren Yuan later said something to Xiao Mo about this matter, but the discussion between the two had no results. Du Wei told Wu Di that the plane Xiao Mo was flying was hit by lightning, and Wu Di immediately went upstairs to condolences Xiao Mo. Wu Di asked him how he feels flying today. She hopes that she can become a person who can fly so well like him. Finally, Xiao Mo sent his study notes to Wu Di, wishing her success in the exam.

Because Xiao Mo delivered the organs in time, the family thanked Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo declined to interview because he still had a job. Xia Yu wanted to show up in the past, but it turned out to be embarrassing. He hid in Xia Hang’s office and did not dare to go out. Xia Hang walked in and said to him.

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