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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Xiaomo discovered that thunderclouds would form on the way to Liming Airport. According to their flight plan route, Wu Di said that thunderclouds should be avoided. Xia Yu offered to fly this way, but Xiao Mo disagreed. Xiao Mo’s original intention was for flight safety, but in Xia Yu’s eyes, it was Xiao Mo who wanted to show off.

The two quarreled again as they talked, and they gave up under Wu Di’s persuasion. Xiao Mo took a step back and agreed that Xia Yu would fly this journey, but he had a condition that he would control it in case of any emergency, and Xia Yu also agreed. The B10YT they were driving had cumulonimbus formation on the route. They were forced to fly forward through the cumulonimbus, but the left wing tank leaked oil, and the remaining oil could not support them to fly to the seaside airport.

Xiao Mo decided to return to Hongtu Airport. Wu Di and Xia Yu were very surprised. Once they returned, this trip would be equivalent to no flight, and Xiao Mo’s go-around was also ruined, but Xiao Mo said that safety is important. At this time, the tower cannot reach B10YT, but it can be seen that they are descending and returning.

Tao Shan and Ren Yuan both guessed whether they would encounter any unexpected situations. Later, B10YT returned safely. After evaluation by all the instructors, Wu Di got a perfect score in the transfer flight test. Together with her previous grades, she ranked third in the grade and was shortlisted for the scholarship. Everyone passed the transfer flight test and obtained a CPL commercial driver’s license. Everyone began to cheer for this, Xia Yu kissed Wu Di’s cheek in excitement, and Wu Di glared fiercely.

Congratulations to Xiao Mo, Ren Yuan, he can finally fly around. Xiao Mo was a little unhappy because of Xia Yu’s kiss to Wu Di. The next day, Xia Yu confessed to Wu Di again, but Wu Di said that he did not consider dating before being admitted to the pilot, and that her boyfriend must be a pilot. Xia Yu vowed that he would also become a pilot.

Hua Hin and his colleague got off the plane and overheard that the pilot of a small plane broke his arm in the toilet. It happened that the small plane was about to carry a child for surgery. Time was very urgent. The staff checked it, and now there is no pilot to fly, Hua Hin thought of Ren Yuan. Under Hua Hin’s persuasion, Ren Yuan agreed to fly this trip.

Wu Di asked Xiao Mo to cut her shirt. Xiao Mo wrote some blessings on it as she intended. Wu Di was excited and couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth. Hua Hin has reconciled with Ren Yuan, and their relationship has entered a new stage. At the 15th Graduation Ceremony of Midsummer Airlines, Han Liwei came to celebrate their graduation. Wu Di, Xia Yu and others finally successfully received the graduation certificate from President Cai.

At the graduation ceremony, Xiao Mo brought Duo Duo to meet everyone, and Xia Yu took this opportunity to confess to Wu Di in public. When Ren Yuan returned again, Lin from the Flight Department said that he was correct in not accepting Ren Yuan’s resignation. Xia Hang said that he wanted to set up a flight to take those sick children to realize their flying dreams, which was also the wish of the late wife.

Xia Hang hopes that this flight will be commanded by Ren Yuanlai, and Ren Yuan agreed. He also plans to bring students from Class A. This is also a good opportunity for them to exercise. Knowing that Wu Di had also signed up for this voluntary flight, Xia Yu went to his dad and asked to participate, and Xia Hang asked him to go to Mr. Kai. In order to fly this trip, Xia Yu humbled him to President Kai. He was willing to do everything. Later, Xia Yu flew to Seville with them as a happy ambassador.

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