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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 6 Recap

As Xia Yu was talking, Xiao Mo came, and he expressed that he was willing to accept Ren Yuan’s arrangement. Wu Di applied for a transfer. She knew that the misunderstanding between Xiao Mo and Xia Yu was caused by herself. She also wanted to help the two of them resolve their conflicts. In the end, Ren Yuan agreed to transfer her to Xiao Mo and his team.

When formulating the flight plan, Xia Yu and Xiao Mo had an afternoon quarrel about the order of the flight. No one was convinced. Wu Di said angrily that they would call themselves after the quarrel. Later, Xia Yu took out his own flight plan, which was made by himself, and he had not discussed it with Xiao Mo. Wu Di took his plan to discuss with Xiao Mo, and Xiao Mo also made his own flight plan. The three of them finally put aside their prejudices and completed a unified flight plan.

Ren Yuan asked them a simple question, and the three of them answered differently. Ren Yuan ordered them to go back and make a new plan. If they didn’t do well, all three would stop flying. This is the first time Tao Shan has seen Ren Yuan have such a bad temper. Ren Yuan now regrets putting the three of them together. Tao Shan said that sooner or later he would face it. It is better for them to turn their fights into jade in the aviation school than to keep pinching them to the flying team.

Hua Hin took the initiative to send a message to Ren Yuan and asked him to meet in a coffee shop. Knowing that Xiao Mo was going to sit with Xia Yu, Hua Hin said that if Xiao Mo couldn’t make it, Ren Yuan didn’t want to reconcile himself. In other words, if Xiao Mo passed this time, Hua Hin would reconcile with him, and Ren Yuan smiled and said Xiao Mo would definitely do so.

The frustrated Wu Di thought it was going to be over this time. In order to make her feel better, Xiao Mo promised that she would pass it and break the curse that they would be unlucky together. Xia Yu knew that he might really be better than Xiao Mo, who was already a pilot, so he was in a bad mood, and Luo Dong thought of a way for him. Xia Yu quickly went to meet Xiao Mo in accordance with his method, and the two of them tested one hundred and eighty degrees together.

Whoever lost the flight plan would listen to him, Xiao Mo naturally challenged. The next day, the two began to compete, Xia Yu was the first to fly, completing the 180-degree fixed point. When it was Xiao Mo’s turn, Xia Yu found that Xiao Mo was flying wrong today. Looking at Luo Dong next to him, Xia Yu asked if he did it.

Luo Dong had no choice but to admit that he played with him yesterday and intentionally injured him, but he did not expect Xiao Mo to have a good jumping ability. He hit the ground and injured his wrist. The school doctor said that his wrist injury would heal within two days. Although Xiao Mo’s wrist was injured, his landing deviation was smaller than Xia Yu’s, so he won the game.

Later, Wu Di said that he was a qualified civil aviation pilot, why did he play against the naive Xia Yu in violation of school rules. As the monitor of Class A, Han Liwei asked Xia Yu and Xiao Mo to drink, hoping to help them eliminate their prejudice against each other. As a result, Han Liwei was overwhelmed with alcohol and drank into the hospital.

They sent Han Liwei to the hospital, and Ren Yuan, who learned of the incident, also rushed over. Han Liwei’s condition was stable, but he blushed and said that he would never be able to fly anymore. Later, the doctor said that the examination found that there was a benign tumor in Han Liwei’s skull. Although it could be removed by surgery, it would leave a large scar on the back of his head. If flying at high altitudes for a long time, the scars are in danger of rupturing, so Han Liwei should no longer be a pilot. Because of this incident, Xia Yu and Xiao Mo stopped struggling, and listened to his persuasion to cooperate. Soon, they took the last big test-transfer to fly.

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