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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 5 Recap

They said that there are five scholarships. One student in class B and two students in the maintenance class have received interview notices. Wu Di is ranked 6th, and the chance of winning the scholarship is very small. Although Wu Di was a little disappointed when she heard this, she still said with a strong smile that it was okay. Xia Yu went to Principal Cai, and he gave his opinion about the scholarship quota, and Lu Qiwen secretly listened outside the door.

Lu Qiwen went to Tao Shan and saw Xiao Mo present and deliberately talked about the scholarship quota. Xiao Mo was a little angry when he heard it. The aviation school added one more scholarship this year, and Wu Di happened to be ranked sixth. Xia Yu and the monitor told Wu Di the good news, and her mood finally improved.

She happened to meet Xiao Mo, Wu Di shared the good news with him, but Xiao Mo inexplicably said that she had a righteous way and chose to go through the back door. She really misread her. This made Wu Di confused. Later, after Yu Jie reminded him, Wu Di knew that he just happened to get the scholarship and it might be related to Xia Yu.

The next day I was going to Midsummer Airlines for an interview. Xia Yu said that the morning peak was very congested. He sent Wu Di to the interview. Wu Di thought about it and didn’t refuse. In the car, Wu Di asked Xia Yu about the scholarship. Xia Yu said that she didn’t help her, because she got this scholarship based on her own strength. Here, Ren Yuan also told Xiao Mo that the aviation school has regulations that Xia Yu can not control. Wu Di’s scholarship has nothing to do with Xia Yu.

Later, Wu Di still had a grudge, she chose to give up the scholarship because she didn’t want people to think that she was not worthy of the scholarship. Xia Yu reluctantly explained that he did go to President Cai to propose a scholarship, but in this matter, the aviation school itself is considering adding another place. Even if Xia Yu doesn’t mention it, it will add another place this year. Even so, Wu Di declined Xia Yu’s kindness. She had not received the scholarship, so she had to ask her girlfriend to help herself for a while. Later, Xiao Mo apologized to Wu Di for this incident. Wu Di did not expect that he would also apologize to himself. Wu Di was angry with him, Xia Yu tried every means to apologize to Wu Di, but Wu Di was not in the dormitory that night.

Wu Di did not lose those sneakers, but returned them to Xiao Mo again. Xia Yu saw a pair of men’s sneakers in Wu Di’s dormitory before, and then saw Xiao Mo carrying those sneakers. Xia Yu couldn’t get up to question him, and Xiao Mo didn’t pay attention to him at all. Tao Shan looked at the materials of this year’s students and said with emotion that the quality of this year’s students was really good, but Ren Yuan next to him didn’t talk to him.

Tao Shan walked over and asked and realized that Ren Yuan was worrying about Xia Yu’s recent situation. Xia Yu was in good condition, but he was awkward because of Wu Di and Xiao Mo recently. Tao Shan said that putting Xiao Mo and Xia Yu together just made them stimulate each other, improve and grow together. Xiao Mo went through the go-around procedures, and he could fly again only after Ren Yuan signed.

At the same time, everyone in the aviation school also entered the end of aviation school learning, Ren Yuan divided them into groups and let each group make a flight plan. Ren Yuan asked Xiao Mo and Xia Yu to fly together. If he disagrees, he would not sign his go-around, and Xiao Mo was very angry. Ren Yuan went to Hua Hin again, and Hua Hin asked Xiao Mo to come back for dinner that night, hoping to persuade him. The next day the transfer flight test was about to begin. Xiao Mo hadn’t come to the aviation school yet, and Xia Yu said coldly, thinking that he would not dare to come.

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