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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 4 Recap

Wu Di went to Xiao Mo, hoping that he could help Xia Yu overcome the dizziness, but Xiao Mo said that he could not help him. Instead, it was Wu Di. Xia Yu listened very much to Wu Di, and only she could help him. Here, squad leader Han Liwei and other classmates made Xia Yu overcome the dizziness by turning in circles and standing upside down. He passed them one by one, but he didn’t know why Xia Yu was dizzy as soon as he got on the plane. Depressed Xia Yu sat alone by the playground.

Wu Di took a pair of spiral glasses and said that he could use this to overcome the dizziness. On the second day of the test, Xia Yu really wore the spiral glasses and successfully completed the test. Everyone thought he was flying very well. On the plane, there was a little more confidence on his face, Ren Yuan also smiled, feeling happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Mo’s childhood sweetheart is coming, Hua Hin takes Xiao Mo to buy a gift for him. Xiao Mo explained that he and Duoduo were both when they were young, and he had no intention of male or female to Duoduo. Hua Hin didn’t take it to heart. Everyone could tell that Duo Duo was the daughter-in-law that Xiao Mo’s mother had cultivated for him since he was a child.

Outside the mall, Xiao Mo accidentally saw Wu Di. Wu Di was reading a book at the time. When it was her turn to shoot, she just glanced at Xiao Mo without time to say hello. The aviation school was going to conduct a solo flight test today, but Ren Yuan called Wu Di alone. Yu Jie and Luo Dong said that Wu Di seemed to have been reported for violating school regulations, and Xia Yu learned that Wu Di had been working as a part-time model outside the school.

Ren Yuan asked Wu Di to come over to ask about violations of school rules. Wu Di asked if Xiao Mo had filed a complaint, and Lu Qiwen next to him was taken aback. Xia Yu, who passed the solo flight test, learned that Wu Di was about to be fired because he was working part-time outside the school. He heard that Xiao Mo had told him the secret, so he immediately went to the hangar to ask Xiao Mo for questioning.

Xiao Mo didn’t admit it, Xia Yu was so angry that he started with him, and then Wu Di came to stop them. Wu Di said that Xiao Mo won a work-study position for himself. Xiao Mo is really good-hearted towards Wu Di. After hearing this, Xia Yu knew that he had blamed Xiao Mo. Wu Di also said that the spiral glasses were Xiao Mo’s idea, and Xia Yu asked her to help herself to thank Xiao Mo.

Wu Di thanked Xiao Mo, just to see Xiao Mo was going to send Duo to Hua Hin, the two did not talk for long. Xia Yu completed his solo flight on his own. The aviation school has a tradition of cutting shirts. Xia Yu asked his father Xia Hang to cut his shirts. Xiao Mo took Duo Duo to meet Hua Hin. After night fell, Xiao Mo called Ren Yuan. Hua Hin glanced at Xiao Mo and knew that this was his idea. After that, Duoduo asked Xiao Mo to accompany him to watch horror movies.

After watching the movie, Xiao Mo sent Duo Duo back to his residence in Hua Hin, and happened to meet Wu Di and Du Wei who were waiting for the elevator. Four people took the elevator together, and the elevator broke down again. Wu Di said that every time I’m with Xiao Mo, nothing will happen. Du Wei could see that Wu Di was in a bad mood because Xiao Mo and Duo Duo were together.

All the blind pilots in Class A passed. Among them, Wu Di was the best. It can be seen that she has been working hard recently. In order to celebrate the passing of all members, Xia Yu invited everyone to dinner together. Xiao Mo went back to flight, but the difficult mode he chose, coupled with insufficient experience, led to an overly heavy landing. Instructor Tao Shan said that he could not be allowed to pass. Wu Di is talking to Xia Yu about Kangkang, a child in the orphanage. Luo Dong and others ran over and said that the scholarship had been settled.

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