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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 3 Recap

Wu Di wanted to get on the plane, but Xiao Mo refused. When he was young, he wanted to get on the plane, but his father refused to agree. Father’s original intention was that he would have a kind of awe and respect for the aircraft, and only when he was fully prepared could he sit in the cabin. Xiao Mo said these things to Wu Di in order to tell her the truth. In addition, Xiao Mo also reminded her that class A will be training here tomorrow, so she had better think of a reason.

The next day, Wu Di did not participate in the morning call. Ren Yuan opened the hangar, but saw Xiao Mo and Wu Di inside. Wu Di lied that he asked Xiao Mo to help him make up lessons, so he entered the hangar earlier. Ren Yuan did not ask any more and asked Wu Di to run ten laps as punishment for not participating in the early roll call, and Xiao Mo was also recorded once.

Xia Yu asked if Wu Di had spent the night with Xiao Mo in the hangar last night. Wu Di did not answer directly. She thought Xia Yu misunderstood Xiao Mo too deeply and everyone was very sad about Mrs. Xia. Xia Yu didn’t ask the answer he wanted, but Wu Di said a few words, feeling very depressed. Later, Du Wei said that everyone could tell that Xia Yu liked Wu Di, but when she stayed in the hangar with Xiao Mo all night, Xia Yu would naturally be angry.

Wu Di repeatedly emphasized that he and Xiao Mo were only locked in the hangar, and they did nothing. As for Xia Yu, she doesn’t like him. Hua Hin flew back, and a little girl gave her a bunch of flowers. There was a postcard in the flowers with the words I’m sorry. Seeing Ren Yuan not far away, Hua Hin knew that he had sent them.

Hua Hin is Xiao Mo’s cousin, served as flight attendant in Midsummer Airlines, and also Ren Yuan’s girlfriend. The two got along well at first, but they didn’t expect that ever since Ren Yuan flew back from Paris, they couldn’t let go of their knots and resigned from Midsummer Airlines to work as an instructor at the aviation school. Ren Yuan apologized to her because he didn’t discuss this matter with her.

The two were opposite in the restaurant, Ren Yuan plucked up the courage to take out the ring to propose to her, but Hua Hin said he couldn’t accept him now. Xiao Mo was about to fly again. He learned from Mr. Gao that Ren Yuan had submitted a letter of resignation to Mr. Lin of the Flight Department, but Mr. Lin had not approved it. Xiao Mo asked Ren Yuan to guide his flight, repeating the scene of Shenzhen flying to Paris. This time Ren Yuan’s actions were still the same as last time, but he chose to change his course because it was too dangerous.

After the flight drill was over, Xiao Mo wanted to persuade Ren Yuan to let go of his knots, but I don’t know if Ren Yuan listened. Wu Di was endorsing in the dormitory, Xia Yu shouted that he was wrong with a loudspeaker downstairs, and Wu Di had to go down. Xia Yu admitted her mistake and shouldn’t ask her what she was doing in the hangar. He also graciously ordered the takeaway to Wu Di. Mr. Lei found Lu Qiwen and called him a few words, indicating that he was optimistic about him.

In the first flight practice lesson of Class A, Xia Yu conducted a test flight under the guidance of Ren Yuan. They encountered strong air currents in the air. Xia Yu was not competent. Ren Yuan had to take away his flight control rights. After returning to the ground, Xia Yu got off the plane. He ran to the side and threw up. Ren Yuan looked at it and sighed from the bottom of his heart.

On the second day, Ren Yuan commented on everyone’s flight yesterday. Everyone was basically qualified, but Xia Yu was the only one who could not. Ren Yuan criticized Xia Yu in public, and Xia Yu promised that she would be well prepared next time. In order to pay the tuition, Wu Di will be a model in his spare time, and Du Wei will come to see her when he gets off the plane. In the following training, Xia Yu still couldn’t overcome the airsickness, and always vomited after getting off the plane. Luo Dong was worried that he would not be able to pass the test, so he specially found a small remedy for airsickness.

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