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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 2 Recap

The airline needs to understand and investigate the accidental death of passengers on flight GP521. Xia Yu’s father Xia Hang participated in the investigation as the person in charge. Ren Yuan and the other crew members separately explained the situation. In the follow-up investigation, it was found that the overheated power bank in the toilet caused the toilet paper to burn.

Xiao Mo’s judgment on the fire was correct. But Xia Yu insisted that Xiao Mo could do better at that time. Xia Hang was also a sensible person. He knew that his wife had a heart attack. In the end, the company determined that Xiao Mo and the crew were not at fault. This incident was an accident. Knowing that Xiao Mo was not punished, Ren Yuan was finally relieved, but Xia Yu was very angry, and he kept believing that Xiao Mo had caused his mother’s death.

After that accident, Xiao Mo always dreamed of the scene at that time. After Wu Di’s mother learned of the plane accident, she came to her daughter and took back her pilot registration form. She didn’t want her daughter to be a flight attendant, and it was impossible to let her learn to fly. She asked Wu Di to resign from Midsummer Airlines as soon as possible. At work the next day, Wu Di took Xiao Mo’s shoes and wanted to return him, but unexpectedly learned that Xiao Mo was not scheduled.

Ren Yuan said that he stopped flying and went to work on aircraft maintenance instead. Then, Wu Di found him, Xiao Mo saw the resignation letter inside, and he said that she didn’t need to resign at all, and it would be nice to be a flight attendant. Xiao Mo said that he is doing maintenance to better learn knowledge, and that he will let passengers on his plane reach their destination safely in the future.

Xiao Mo’s words made Wu Di determined to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot. Xia Yu signed up to study flying at Zhongxia Aviation School. Principal Cai felt that he was serious this time, and Xia Hang also let him learn by default, but it was up to him whether he could persist. In Macau, Wu Di told her parents that she had resigned from Midsummer Airlines, but she decided to become a pilot. She said this was her dream and hoped that her parents would respect her wishes.

My mother strongly disagreed, but Wu’s father expressed support. Six months later, Wu Di was admitted to Midsummer Airlines with a score of 60 points, and Xia Yu was admitted with her. At the opening ceremony of Midsummer Airlines’ 15th cadet, Xia Hang said that his son had also been admitted to Midsummer Airlines, and he personally put on Xia Yu’s cadet badge.

Xiao Mo returned to the aviation school for retraining. These students saw Xiao Mo’s flying skills and felt that he was flying very well. Ren Yuan, as their flight instructor, gave a general overview of their future assessments at the aviation school. Today is the first day of class, Ren Yuan asked them why they want to be pilots, and everyone’s answers were varied.

Seeing that they were very interested in Xiao Mo’s flight outside, I asked them to go out to watch. Xia Yu didn’t expect the pilot to be Xiao Mo, so his face changed immediately. He pushed Xiao Mo forward and asked him why he still had the face to fly. Xiao Mo didn’t care about him. Ren Yuan gave Xia Yu a lesson because of what happened today. He didn’t show any mercy to Xia Yu because he was Xia Dong’s son.

Xia Yu was unhappy because of this, Wu Di said that he might as well study hard and fly to the sky to compete with Xiao Mo. Wu Di overheard Xiao Mo’s call with his mother. She heard a few more words when she was curious, but she didn’t expect that the shed where the plane was stored was locked. Then, the door was locked from the outside, Xiao Mo and Wu Di were completely locked here. Wu Di asked Xiao Mo to call for help, but his old phone didn’t have WeChat, so it broke when it fell. The two of them were locked here and had nothing to do, so they chatted.

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