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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 12 Recap

Xiao Mo specially asked Dodo to help Wu Di to bring some herbs for the treatment of chickenpox. Xia Yu went to see Wu Di as soon as possible to recover from his illness, and worked hard to strengthen his resistance. Xiao Mo made a good medicine for Wu Di and told her to take a rest and then review it. After he finished cooking the medicine for her, he cleaned up the kitchen and left. Wu Di saw Xiao Mo’s busy figure in the kitchen, and his eyes were full of moved. Xia Yu was finally able to see Wu Di, but for no reason, she wandered in the elevator.

Just then Du Wei came back. Xia Yu graciously helped her pull the suitcase and went upstairs into the house with her. As soon as they entered the house, they saw Xiao Mo applying medicine to Wu Di, and Xia Yu’s vinegar jar was overturned, mocking whether Xiao Mo had changed his career to be a male nurse.

Xiao Mo said that he was going to rest today, and the two of them were going to pinch. Du Wei hurriedly said that she would take care of Wu Di and that both of them could leave. As a result, the two pushed each other around because of who went out first. Du Wei glanced at Wu Di, feeling very speechless for the childish behavior of the two. Xia Yu was babbling, but Xia Hang said that he needed to read a book for review, and Xia Yu promised that he would be better than Xiao Mo in the future.

Together, Xia Yu and Luo Dong tried to secretly get He Jun’s exam questions, but they failed, but Lu Qiwen took the initiative to bring the U disk to him. Luo Dong felt that he had no friendship with Lu Qiwen in normal times. His sudden courtesy must have been a problem, but Xia Yu insisted on keeping the USB flash drive, which made Luo Dong very worried.

Later Luo Dong told Wu Di about the incident, hoping she could come forward to persuade Xia Yu. Considering that Wu Di hasn’t recovered yet, Xiao Mo took the initiative to take Luo Dong to persuade Xia Yu. Xia Yu learned that it was Luo Dong who told Xiao Mo and Wu Di about the incident. He angered Luo Dong, but in the end he confessed his mistake to He Jun and told him the whole story.

Lu Qiwen reported to He Jun, saying that he saw Xia Yu copy the exam questions from his computer with a USB flash drive. He Jun was not surprised. He exposed his lying face. Last night, Xia Yu told him what happened and said that the U disk was given to him by Lu Qiwen. Lu Qiwen was embarrassed and did not dare to hold on to this matter again, and He Jun did not let him participate in the new examination questions.

Wu Di sent a message to Xiao Mo and wanted to invite him to dinner at night after the exam. Later Wu Di recovered and went to take the exam with everyone on the day of the exam. Ren Yuan teased Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo felt that falling in love was a bit complicated. Ren Yuan gave him an idea and just said it. Under Xia Yu’s pleading, Wu Di had to accompany Xia Yu to make up the exam. Xiao Mo had been outside waiting for Wu Di to come out, but she hadn’t seen her for a long time.

Xiao Mo walked in, confirmed with Yu Jie that they had finished the exam, and then went to pull Wu Di out. Xia Yu saw Xiao Mo pulling Wu Di away in front of her, and froze in place. Wu Di takes Xiao Mo to the reserved restaurant, but because she hasn’t been here for a long time, the reserved space has been given to other guests.

Xia Yu wanted Du Wei to call Wu Di to celebrate the end of the exam today. She and Wu Di would choose the location and pay the bill by themselves. Du Wei seemed to know that Xiao Mo and Wu Di had an appointment to destroy other people’s good deeds, so Du Wei would not do it. Xiao Mo took Wu Di to the food stall, which is also regarded as Wu Di’s teacher appreciation banquet for Xiao Mo. The two returned to the community together and saw the full moon in the sky. They stayed in the community for a while. After Wu Di walked out of the elevator, Xiao Mo finally summoned the courage to stop her.

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