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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 10 Recap

Xia Yu has a blind self-confidence. He believes that he can catch up with newcomers and let the people of Midsummer Airlines know who is the best pilot. Xia Hang was not good at hitting him either, so he could only say that he was waiting to see him. Xia Yu began to be angry in the classroom, but his eyelids couldn’t help fighting. Luo Dong brought coffee, and Xia Yu asked him to buy strong tea for himself.

Later, Yu Jie still couldn’t see it, reminding Xia Yu not to put all his thoughts on chasing Wu Di, and to care more about the people around him. Luo Dong really took him as his brother, but Xia Yu always asked him to do this and that. Because of Yu Jie’s words, Xia Yu and Luo Dong had a heart-to-heart talk later. Luo Dong said that he has been like this since he was a child and has become accustomed to treating people like this.

Xia Yu promised him that he would become a pilot and take over Midsummer Airlines. By then, all Midsummer Airlines orders would be given to Luodong. Although this was a bit unrealistic, Luo Dong was happy when he heard it, indicating that Xia Yu regarded himself as a brother. Xiao Mo went to the cake shop to see Duo Duo, and Duo Duo asked him to take home the dessert he made specially for him.

Hua Hin saw Dim Sum and praised Duo Duo’s ingenuity, but Ren Yuan said Xiao Mo was in a relationship with Wu Di. Hua Hin was surprised and pleasantly surprised. I thought Wu Di was in love with Xia Yu, but Xiao Mo dared to grab a girlfriend with Xia Yu. She praised Xiao Mo for his spine. Xiao Mo said that Wu Di was just his apprentice, but he stuttered when he said this, and both Ren Yuan and Hua Hin found it funny.

Hua Hin took Ren Yuan and Xiao Mo back to his hometown to see Xiao Mo’s mother. When Xiao’s mother was not there, the child broke the glass, so she went to buy the glass. Later, when Mother Xiao came back, she asked who broke the glass in two or three sentences, and then sent the three children home. Xiao’s mother was a teacher in the town’s elementary school. She talked a lot to Ren Yuan, Xiao Mo interrupted and said that she was hungry, and her mother took Hua Hin to cook for them.

At the dinner table, my mother was still very enthusiastic. While urging Hua Hin to get married, she urged Xiao Mo to find a girlfriend to come back. Ren Yuan couldn’t help laughing when seeing their sister and brother being subdued by Xiao’s mother. Wu Di received the news and learned that Kangkang’s illness had relapsed, so she put aside the review and went to see Kangkang.

Xiao’s mother asked Xiao Mo to help distribute the encouragement awards to the children. After the distribution, he thought of Wu Di and sent a message to ask her if she had studied hard. Wu Di replied that he was in a warm home and Kangkang’s illness had relapsed. Xiao Mo thought that the warm home was near his home, so he went to look for her. Wu Di was very worried about Kangkang, Xiao Mo comforted her and said that Kangkang would be fine.

Xia Yu didn’t know where the warm home was, and she refused to ask Du Wei. Later, Lu Qiwen told him that the warm home is in Xia Yu’s hometown. Xia Yu immediately called Wu Di and told her not to get too close to Xiao Mo. Wu Di thought he was boring and quickly hung up the phone. Before Wu Di had time to eat dinner and breakfast, and almost passed out due to low blood sugar, Xiao Mo took Wu Di home.

Mother Xiao and Duoduo were very surprised, but they still didn’t ask much. Later, Mother Xiao asked Hua Hin about this, and she found that Xiao Mo and Wu Di were not easy, but Xiao Mo had never mentioned it to her. After eating, they chatted together. Hua Hin said it was late and asked Xiao Mo to send Duo back. She and Ren Yuan sent Wu Di. Upon hearing this, Xiao Mo was surprised.

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