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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 1 Recap

In the beautiful early morning, Wu Di, the flight attendant of Midsummer Airlines, hurried to work because he was late and was said by the ruthless co-pilot Xiao Mo. Wu Di was a bit dissatisfied. Wu Di’s best friend Du Wei also said that Xiao Mo was a famously ruthless captain. Last time a colleague was scolded by Xiao Mo for 10 minutes for a trivial matter. Xiao Mo’s flying skills are very good. He was once a green eugenic in aviation school. He set a record of 20 flying ups and downs without flaws.

The host Ren Yuan asked him to take off this time. However, due to air traffic control, the takeoff time of the plane was Some delays. A passenger lost his temper and shouted that he was going to get off the plane. Wu Di and Du Wei patiently told him that they could not get off the plane now, but the passengers were still reluctant.

For such unreasonable passengers, Wu Di has his own coup. She explained that the procedure of the plane is very complicated. The ground crew must be notified to unload his luggage, and then all passengers’ luggage can be carried through the security check again. When the other passengers heard this, they felt that it was a waste of their time, and began to talk about the passenger.

He was embarrassed, and finally stopped shouting to get off the plane. Wu Di sent lunch to the captain in the cockpit, and Xiao Mo coldly asked her to go back to work in the cabin because of the stay for a while. Another co-pilot, Lu Qiwen, expressed dissatisfaction, but Xiao Mo said with a cold face that he still thinks it is better to concentrate on work, which can be described as selfless.

This trip was from Shenzhen to Paris, France. The crew settled in a hotel. Xiao Mo went out to see Wu Di, but he skipped it without saying hello, which made Wu Di’s impression of him very poor. Wu Di was going to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and after getting lost, he met Xia Yu, and Xia Yu volunteered to take her to the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Ren Yuan took Xiao Mo to accompany him to choose gifts for his girlfriend Hua Hin, Xiao Mo’s cousin, Xiao Mo did not stay long. Xia Yu sent Wu Di to the Sacred Heart Cathedral and left. He had a good impression of Wu Di and didn’t ask for Wu Di’s car money. Wu Di ran into Xiao Mo and saw that the picture of Captain Sally had been bought by Xiao Mo first. Wu Di made a soft and hard blow, and finally asked Xiao Mo to agree to give her the picture.

Later, Wu Di watched his foot injury from the sidelines. A thief wanted to steal her bag, but Xiao Mo caught him, so the thief could only return the bag obediently. Xia Yu’s mother, Mrs. Xia, came to France to see her son and asked him when he planned to return to China to take over the family company. Xia Yu is the son of Xia Hang, the successor of Midsummer Airlines, the proper prince, but such a prince came to work abroad. Xia Yu found a reason to prevaricate his mother.

After her mother went to the bathroom, he inadvertently learned that his mother’s heart was not very good and needed surgery. At Charles de Gaulle Airport, Xia Yu temporarily changed her mind and returned to China by plane with her mother. Mrs. Xia asked Wu Di if she could wait for her son. After asking the captain, Wu Di agreed to give Xia Yu 15 minutes.

During the flight, Xiao Mo smelled the scorching smell and checked the fire together with the flight attendants. Their walking back and forth caused Mrs. Xia’s panic. She had a heart attack and needed first aid when her condition got worse. Ren Yuan asked the co-pilot to contact the controller to determine the alternate airport, and then tried to go through the thunderstorm area to the alternate airport, but chose to give up because it was too dangerous. Ren Yuan changed course, and when the plane reached the ground, Mrs. Xia was already in a coma. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, the doctor regretfully told them that Mrs. Xia had died.

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