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Don’t Panic Astronauts! (2021) 太空有点烫

Don’t Panic Astronauts! (2021)
Other Title: 太空有点烫, Space is a bit hot

Genres: drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Zhou Houheng
Luo Junyue
Tencent Video
Release Date:
May 28, 2021
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  • Ye Leif
  • Ma Meng Qiao
  • Xu Heyuan
  • Zhou Lang
  • Yu Dong

“Space Is A Little Hot” is a science fiction sitcom directed by Zhou Houheng and co-starring Zhou Lang, Ye Xiaokai, Ma Mengqiao, Xu Heyuan, and Yu Dong. The play tells a series of stories that happened after the old captain Ye Zhihong abandoned the ship and escaped after receiving the revenge signal from his wife on the spacecraft “Gangshanghua”.

The old captain Ye Zhihong (played by Zhou Lang) aboard a spacecraft “Gangshanghua”, because he received a revenge signal from his wife Yulian chief astronaut Ke Qi (played by Xu Heyuan), he chose to abandon the ship and escape. Life in space was broken. The staid female captain meets the astronauts Xiongqi (Ye Xiaokai), Mo Mei (Ma Mengqiao), Luo Dou (Yudong), with different personalities, plus strange alien creatures and all kinds of unexpected temporary situation.

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