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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 30 Recap

Mao Zedong made a self-examination. Love rivals are everyone’s common responsibility, and the responsibility should not be placed on the decision-makers. Li De is reluctant and believes that they have made the mistake of flightism. Zhou Enlai and Zhu De refuted. Mao Zedong concluded that underestimating the enemy is a taboo on the battlefield, and sports tactics are completely correct and must be fully implemented in the future. Zhang Wentian was responsible for Bogu in the Party Central Committee, and Mao Zedong led everyone across Chishui in the next few months.

The Central Committee sent a telegram to the comrades in the Soviet area, instructing them to move around and continue fighting. Chen Tanqiu and He Shuheng and others discussed how to go next. Now there are Qingxiang teams everywhere, and the road is not peaceful. At this time, enemy sentiment suddenly spread, and Chen Tanqiu and others hurriedly moved. The enemy has found their tracks, and although they have moved, the enemy decided to search the mountain immediately. He Shuheng got older and was injured after a fall accidentally, but he insisted on moving forward. Soon Chen Tanqiu, He Shuheng and others separated during a retreat.

He Shuheng was worried that his legs would be unfavorable and wanted to keep the team fees for others. He didn’t expect that the Qingxiang team came, and several people were busy helping He Shuheng to transfer. Changting, Fujian. Tan Zhenlin and Chen Tanqiu finally joined the team, but they did not expect that in a retreat, He Shuheng refused to drag everyone down because of a foot injury. He jumped off the cliff. Life or death was uncertain. Qu Qiubai and several comrades also separated. Soon after, the team led by Chen Tanqiu finally joined the team, but Chen Tanqiu was seriously injured because of a previous break and fell into a cliff, and He Shuheng died heroically. After Qu Qiubai was arrested, Chiang Kai-shek ordered his execution, and he valiantly died.

The Central Red Army was doing everything possible to successfully rendezvous with the Fourth Red Army, and the Fourth Red Army sent a telegram saying that it would actively cooperate and do everything possible to enter Maogong and join forces. But there is still a natural danger on the way to Maogong. The mountain is covered with snow and cliffs all year round. It is said that even the birds cannot fly over, but the Central Red Army has stepped out of the way step by step.

In Maogong, the Central Red Army and the former divisions of the Fourth Red Army successfully joined forces. Although he has already met his teachers, Mao Zedong believes that the most important thing at the moment is to find a foothold and establish a new base. Everyone thinks that we should go to Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu, but Zhang Guotao doesn’t think so. He hopes to see him soon and unify his thoughts to establish a new base.

A few days later, the Central Red Army and the Fourth Red Army formally joined forces. Zhang Guotao met Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Wang Jiaxiang and others. Zhang Guotao asked them how many people are left. Zhou Enlai estimated that there were 30,000 people left. Zhang Guotao proudly said that there were 100,000 people in the four fronts, and everyone was very surprised. Zhang Guotao proposed a plan to establish a new revolutionary base area. There are three plans in total. Mao Zedong believed that the new base area must meet three conditions. Ningxia is one of the best affluent areas in the entire northwestern region. Going north is the best choice. Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and others also agreed.

In the evening, Li Xiannian went to see Dong Biwu specially and helped him sew a hat with needles. This time the two armies were all very happy and very concerned about how they would go next. Zhang Guotao insisted on going south, but Dong Biwu understood that only going north to resist the Japanese was the correct route. Maoxian, Sichuan. After the meeting, Zhang Guotao hurried back to discuss with Xu Xiangqian.

Zhang Guotao thought that the army on the one hand was no longer good, and they were still strong and strong. He was also angry because the central government rejected his opinion and believed that they should not be led by the army on the other hand. Zhou Enlai was not in good health due to the wind and cold. Mao Zedong and Luo Fu came to visit him and talked about Zhang Guotao’s quest for power. Mao Zedong felt that he was too greedy. Zhou Enlai wanted to give up the position of the General Political Commissar. Is the most important thing, Mao Zedong sighed, now there is no other way.

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