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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 28 Recap

Chen Songnian came to visit Chen Duxiu and told him that his grandma’s body was still healthy, but her eyes were almost out of sight. Chen Duxiu has been away for more than 20 years. He blamed himself for being unfilial. Chen Songnian took out the snow dates from his hometown and said that his grandmother said that he loved to eat and brought them specially. Chen Duxiu took a snow date to Pan Lanzhen and introduced Pan Lanzhen as his current wife.

Chen Songnian called his mother, making Pan Lanzhen a little at a loss. Chen Duxiu asked what Chen Songnian was doing. In fact, he dropped out of school before his mother died because of a poor economy, but he read the books left by Chen Duxiu very seriously. Speaking of the death of the two eldest sons, Chen Duxiu was still very distressed. It was Chen Songnian who took care of their funeral that year. He was only seventeen or eighteen years old that year. Chen Songnian said that his sister Chen Yuying left because he couldn’t stand the shock. He was only 28 years old that year, and Chen Duxiu wept in tears. Chen Duxiu hung up the couplet he had just written, and Chen Songnian believed that one day Chen Duxiu would be fair.

Li De came to the Soviet area as a military adviser. After Li Chuan lost his hand, Li De convened a military meeting. Mao Zedong believed that Xiao Jinguang’s timely retreat was the correct strategic choice. Li De and Bogu believed that Xiao Jinguang had to flee without a fight and must retake Lichuan. No other opinions were allowed. They immediately sent a telegram to Zhu De and Zhou Enlai asking them to execute the order immediately. However, Bogu blindly obeyed Li De’s opinion.

The Red Army suffered serious damage. The Red Army did not win the anti-encirclement and suppression campaign for a year, and the central government was forced to withdraw from the Soviet area. Bogu wanted to arrange for Mao Zedong to stay. Zhou Enlai strongly opposed it. Zhu De also said that if Mao Zedong left him, he would not leave. Bogu promised Mao Zedong to leave with them.

He Shuheng was arranged to stay, but instead gave two pairs of well-made straw sandals to Dong Biwu, parting a little sad. Chen Tanqiu came to bid farewell to Dong Biwu. His appointment was down, and the daily work of the organs left behind was as usual. After all, the main task of the 30,000 or 40,000 people left was to contain the powerful enemy. Xu Quanzhi sacrificed not long ago, and she was almost able to come to the Soviet area.

Chen Tanqiu was very sad. I heard that the Xu family had sent people to intercede. The condition was to reflect on it but Xu Quanzhi rejected him, saying that he would rather die for the revolution. Dong Biwu deeply felt that Xu Quanzhi was a good student, and persuaded Chen Tanqiu to protect himself while insisting on fighting. Mao Zemin will also follow the transfer, Mao Zetan and He Yi are left behind, and He Zizhen will transfer with the team.

He Zizhen prepared Maomao’s winter clothes, and He Yi comforted her that Maomao would have nothing to do with them. Mao Zemin said that he was relieved to leave Mao Zetan to Mao Zetan and He Yi. Many comrades also asked Mao Zetan to reinstate his post, which shows that everyone knows it well. He Zizhen asked He Yi to take good care of her parents and children, and He Yi quickly asked her to rest assured. While Mao Mao was asleep, He Zizhen and Mao Zedong let He Yi and Mao Zetan take him away, and they both felt very sad.

Mao Zedong went to Bogu about He Shuheng’s affairs. He Shuheng knew that there was no room for maneuver on this matter, and he had already accepted the arrangements to stay. He Shuheng knew that he was not wrong, and Mao Zedong was the same. He believed that left-leaning adventurism was only temporary. Mao Zedong gave He Shuheng a parting gift, which was the manuscript of the action he drafted. He Shuheng is getting older, and they have always met and parted in a hurry these years, but they have never lost hope for the future.

The main force of the Red Army withdrew from the Soviet area and began the Long March. The Fourth Red Army was facing the suppression of the Sichuan-Shanxi Conference. Commander Xu and Chen Changhao decided to march on Sichuan-Shanxi-Gansu. Zhang Guotao looked dissatisfied, but still agreed.

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