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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 30 Recap

Liu Wenjing was reporting work to her boss. Liu Gen called her and said that Liu’s mother was getting worse. Liu Wenjing was so anxious that she shed tears. She immediately asked for leave and wanted to go back to visit her mother. Liu’s mother was in very serious condition. Liu Wenjing grabbed a flashlight to go to the county to get a doctor. When she left the house, she saw Ye Hui rushing to her door with the doctor. After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, Liu’s mother’s condition improved, and Liu Wenjing was very grateful to Ye Hui.

In the dead of night, Liu Wenjing sat on the side of the bed and folded her clothes. Ye Hui glanced at her bedroom and saw a picture of Liu Wenjing when she was a child. He laughed at her as a little fat boy when she was a child. Liu Wenjing pretended to be angry and hammered his chest because of Liu’s mother. Instead of being ill, he pulled into the distance.

As soon as Xing Tianming heard that Liu’s mother had relapsed, he was anxious to go to see him, Huahua grabbed him. Hearing that Ye Hui was there, Xing Tianming was immediately relieved and lethargic.

Weiwei got a piece of land by bidding at a high price. She wanted to find Ye Hui to celebrate, but Ye Hui was far away at Liu Wenjing’s house in a rural village in Jiangxi and couldn’t get away. Ye Hui is in the countryside, and he has a taste of something else. He plays with Liu Wenjing all day, learning to carry water, washing clothes, and cooking.

He looks like a good son-in-law at home, which is quite pleasing to Liu’s father and Liu’s mother. . But the easy and happy time always flies quickly. Due to major changes within the company, Ye Hui had to return to Shanghai as soon as possible. He went back to bid farewell to Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing was quietly looking up at the starry sky. He walked over and put his arms around her shoulders quietly. She quietly leaned on him. The two of them had the same mind and depended more on each other.

Ye Hui rushed back to Shanghai overnight to attend the company’s emergency meeting. Liu’s mother’s condition stabilized and Liu Wenjing also left her hometown. Liu Wenjing, who will come to Shanghai, becomes more cheerful and optimistic. Her feelings and career are gradually becoming stable. She is no longer the native girl who came to Shanghai at the time. Huahua lamented that she met a good man. Ye Hui was very caring about Liu Wenjing. She noticed something was wrong as soon as she got home. She quickly called Huahua to ask about the situation and rushed to Liu Wenjing’s home with the doctor. Liu Wenjing began to devote more and more affection to Ye Hui.

Ye Hui held closed meetings for several days, and the whole person was dizzy with exhaustion, but through the memories of the past few days, the company’s faction has become very clear, and some people secretly support Ye Hui’s younger brother Ye Chong. Ye Hui’s advantage is beginning to weaken, and Ye Chong’s top corner has just been revealed.

Ye’s mother was very anxious, and Ye Hui was also very dissatisfied. His father’s emotional tendencies began to make the family fall apart. Ye Hui and his mother planned to force his father to surrender his rights with the 40% equity held in their hands, so as to completely control the company in their own hands. A bloody war was quietly in a corner of Shanghai. Breeding and brewing.

Weiwei posted a video of herself dancing with Ye Hui at a banquet, and it happened to be seen by Ye Mu. Ye Mu wanted to match Ye Hui and Weiwei’s feelings in order to increase the bargaining chip for the battle to seize power, but Ye Hui Unwilling to exchange his own feelings for benefits, Ye Mu’s plan had no choice but to give up.

Liu Wenjing called Ye Hui frequently for a few days in meetings, but they were refused. Ye Hui’s assistant Lucia was also vague. Liu Wenjing was in the mist and didn’t know what had happened. Ye Hui’s sudden cooling showed signs that the firm confidence that Liu Wenjing had just built was collapsing. The feelings between these two people did not know where to go.

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