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Xijiangyue Society (2021) 西江月社團

Xijiangyue Society
Other Title: Xijiangyue Society, Xijiangyue Club, 西江月社團

Genres: drama, romance
Tang Wanli

Release Date:
May 27, 2021
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  • Wang Xuan
  • Jin Jiayu
  • Jin Jinxuan
  • Chen Tianxin
  • Lin Kaijie

The mediocre bank intern Song Qingqing (played by Jin Zixuan) is full of vocational skills, but because of his natural nemesis physique, he is plagued by life. In an accident, Song Qingqing turned into Ning’s richest daughter Song Qingning who opened her eyes every day and only needed to think about how to spend money.

However, before she could enjoy the joy of being a eldest lady, she was given the marriage by the new emperor (Wang Xuan) because of her physique Give it to Zhenbei General Jiang Jinghuai (played by Jin Jiayu) and complete the “Kef” task. In the battle with Jiang Jinghuai again and again, Song Qingqing finally reaped love, friendship and growth, and understood the true meaning of life.

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