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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 18 Recap

Ming Gu was angrily going to find Shen Zhaowen, and she ran into Yan Boyang on the road. Yan Boyang asked her to go to Zhe Guizhi with her. She did not agree to go to Shen Zhaowen, and Yan Boyang followed. After Shen Zhaowen worshipped the Buddha, Ming Gu went in and asked her why she had instructed people to steal Helu.

Shen Zhaowen refused to admit it, and the two fought. Shen Zhaowen stepped on Ming Gu’s necklace and fell over and hit the table and fainted. The little master found Zhao Xiaoqian and called him over, and took Shen Zhaowen away. Shen Zhaowen was not in serious trouble. The maid asked how Xu Jianyuan planned to deal with it. The maid said that Shen Zhaowen was the head of Rong’an County who was pro-appointed by the official family.

However, if something went wrong, she asked Xu Jianyuan whether the Su family could afford it or the Xu Jianyuan paid It is also very difficult for Xu Jianyuan to afford it. Aunt Ming said that she was doing everything alone, and that the fight was her first choice, which made them fight back in a big deal. Xie Xiaoman apologized on behalf of Ming Gu, and Su’s family was responsible for all medical supplements in the future, and then went in to find Shen Zhaowen.

Shen Zhaowen only got up after Zhao Xiaoqian went out. Xie Xiaoman asked Shen Zhaowen if the Helu incident had something to do with her, and Shen Zhaowen admitted. Shen Zhaowen said that the marriage contract between her and Zhao Xiaoqian was in Biandu. Zhao Xiaoqian knew about it but never told Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman looked down after hearing it.

Zhao Xiaoqian caught up with Xie Xiaoman and asked her what was wrong, and Xie Xiaoman asked if he had a marriage contract with Shen Zhaowen. Zhao Xiaoqian said that he promised Xie Xiaoman that he would never agree to them, and he convinced Xie Xiaoman that he could solve it. Xie Xiaoman asked him how to solve it, but the emperor Bian Du was frustrated. Zhao Xiaoqian has been afraid of this day since the day he married Xie Xiaoman. He didn’t want Xie Xiaoman to worry, he didn’t want her to think randomly, or let her leave.

Yan Boyang went to the Buddhist hall to find the necklace that Ming Gu had dropped, and Zhao Xiaoqian wandered in the mountains in a bored mood. Suddenly an earthquake occurred, and the beams of the temple where Yan Boyang was located fell down, and Zhao Xiaoqian was hit by a falling rock from the mountain.

After the earthquake, Xu Jianyuan hurriedly came to count the number of people and found that Yan Boyang and Zhao Xiaoqian had disappeared. Xie Xiaoman was very worried. The Xu Supervision Institute would not let Xie Xiaoman go out to find Zhao Xiaoqian. Li Su offered to accompany Xie Xiaoman to find Zhao Xiaoqian, and the two went together.

Ming Gu sneaked into the Buddhist hall to find Yan Boyang and found her cat beside the altar. Ming Gu took him out. Yan Boyang found Ming Gu’s necklace and returned it to her. Li Su and Xie Xiaoman saw Zhao Xiaoqian, and after a while, Shen Zhaowen also found Zhao Xiaoqian. They looked at Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Zhaowen not far away. When Shen Zhaowen Wei reached her feet, Zhao Xiaoqian carried her back. Xie Xiaoman turned and left.

The book on his body fell and was picked up by Li Su. Li Su saw what Xie Xiaoman left in the book and learned that she wanted to see Epiphany. He stayed here for a long time to find out the whole mountain shape. He took Xie Xiaoman. Go to see Epiphany.

Zhao Xiaoqian went to the street to play the pitching pot and found that the pot had a problem and kicked it over. There were a lot of black beans sprinkled in the pot. It turned out that the man was cheating. The man yelled to the side that someone had smashed the place, the man’s brother came over, and those people came over arrogantly, Zhao Xiaoqian easily knocked them down. Those people were subdued by Zhao Xiaoqian. Zhao Xiaoqian discovered that they were deserters, and Qin Jiao head leader rushed to take them away.

Li Su heard that Mr. Liu said that he wanted to accept female history, and Mr. Liu was very optimistic that Xie Xiaoman would take her to heart. Li Su said to Xie Xiaoman that some things should not only look at the surface, as well as some words, but should also be asked clearly. Li Su asked Xie Xiaoman to accompany him to the suburbs tomorrow afternoon.

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