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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 17 Recap

He Lu disappeared and Xie Xiaoman blamed himself very much and felt that it was all his own fault. Ming Gu comforted Xie Xiaoman not to be sad, she had sent all Su Changji’s buddies out to look for them. Ming Gu and Xie Xiaoman suddenly heard someone on the side of the road saying that Yan Boyang was gambling with Xu Shu at Xiao Zhangtai, as if it was for the sword. Xie Xiaoman asked Ming Gu to inform Zhao Xiaoqian that she would go to Xiao Zhangtai first.

Yan Boyang never won the bet with Xu Shu. Xie Xiaoman rushed over and found that it was really Helu. She stopped Xu Shu who wanted to leave and took the hairpin on his head to bet with him. Xu Shu asked Xie Xiaoman to finish a pot of wine before using Helu to gamble with her. Xie Xiaoman agreed. Ming Gu informed Zhao Xiaoqian, Zhao Xiaoqian hurriedly prepared his horse to Xiao Zhangtai, Xie Xiaoman actually won Xu Shu. When Zhao Xiaoqian arrived, he asked Xu Shu to tell Shen Yan to look for him at night, and then left with Xie Xiaoman. Yan Boyang confessed to Zhao Xiaoqian that he had taken the Helu, and Zhao Xiaoqian punched him and it passed.

Shen Yan learned that Helu, whom Shen Zhaowen had asked Xu Shu to steal, was very angry and came to the academy to find Shen Zhaowen, and asked her why she used such an indiscriminate method. Shen Zhaowen was also very angry. Shen Yan left home as soon as he was a teenager. As for her, Zhao Xiaoqian would enter the palace if she didn’t marry her, and she would enter the palace for his future. Shen Yan was astonished. His future had to be exchanged for his younger sister.

In the evening, Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Yan competed. Shen Yan asked him why he didn’t use a sword for so many years. Zhao Xiaoqian replied that someone told him that the scar would be there forever without touching it, so he wanted to see what it would look like if he uncovered it. In the past, Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Yanchu held the sword. He once lost to Shen Yan. At that time, the officials said he was unsure. Later, because of the death of his brother, he abandoned the sword and held the bow.

At that time, Shen Yan also asked him why. He told Shen today. Yan Helu picked it up again and no one could take it. Shen Yan said that Bian looked at them and they could not escape their fate. Shen Zhaowen was carrying the marriage contract between Zhao Xiaoqian and her this time. He asked Zhao Xiaoqian if he didn’t want to admit it. Zhao Xiaoqian said that he would not marry Shen Zhaowen, but he refused to admit it.

Shen Zhaowen took his classmates to dance Nuo dance in the academy, while Xie Xiaoman danced outdoors for Zhao Xiaoqian. Zhao Xiaoqian made three wishes today, one is that Xiaoman is well, the other is that Hanchen will live a long time, and the third is that Xiaoman likes him and meets each other year after year. He confessed to Xie Xiaoman.

As Qiuwei is about to go to Yangshan Chang to take everyone to Kunyan Temple to pray for blessings, Mr. Liu asked interested ladies to go to Liujunzizhai to apply for Xu Jianyuan, Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu also decided to go to Kunyan Temple. Xie Xiaoman was studying in the room. Zhao Xiaoqian went to her and took the book in her hand and asked her what she thought about the things she had said two days ago. Xie Xiaoman wanted to leave and was caught by Zhao Xiaoqian.

Zhao Xiaoqian said that she has always heard Mother Zhu babble recently, saying that Lady Xie has never been consummated with the prince of the county, and that she is simply lawless and indecent. Xie Xiaoman was tortured by Mother Zhu every day. Zhao Xiaoqian proposed to help her stay in her room today to show Mother Zhu. Xie Xiaoman shyly promised Zhao Xiaoqian to wait until he went to Kunyan Temple Nanming Lake and tell him that Zhao Xiaoqian left happily.

On the way to Kunyan Temple, Minggu said that Xie Xiaomanchun had become a demon girl Huaichun, but Xie Xiaoman didn’t believe it. Ming Gu said that since Xie Xiaoman didn’t like Zhao Xiaoqian, he asked Xie Xiaoman to talk about Zhao Xiaoqian’s bad. Xie Xiaoman said that Zhao Xiaoqian was too fierce and always yelled at her but it was all for her good. Zhao Xiaoqian took the house card and pulled Xie Xiaoman away. Ming Gu said to help Xie Xiaoman ask Shen Zhaowen.

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