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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 16 Recap

Xie Xiaoman heard that Ming Gu said that the prayers of the Nuo dance ceremonies should be covered with swords and be heard by the undead. Xie Xiaoman asked Zhao Xiaoqian to use Helu to talk to his elder brother. Zhao Xiaoqian was shocked and stubbornly agreed. Mr. Liu brought Shen Zhaowen to Jingnv Pavilion, introduced her to the students and said that she would be a classmate of Jingnv Pavilion from today.

Mr. Liu said that Qiuwei is coming, this time it is the ladies of the Jingnv Pavilion to prepare for the Nuo dance. Last time it was the ladies of the Jingnv Pavilion that were bigger. This year, Qiuwei Xu Jianyuan thought that it had not offered etiquette courses this year, and planned to let the ladies learn etiquette by the way with the teacher of Nuo dance.

After school, Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu walked out together. Ming Gu felt that Shen Zhaowen was unkind and she wanted to suppress Xie Xiaoman. Ming Gu told Xie Xiaoman to be careful. Shen Zhaowen stopped Xie Xiaoman and asked her where Zhao Xiaoqian was. Xie Xiaoman replied that the men in Luming Pavilion had already left school for a while, and Shen Zhaowen wanted to go with Xie Xiaoman to the prefectural palace.

Yan Boyang’s father was very angry when he learned that he hadn’t been to Xiaozhangtai in the academy these days, and now the ambassador of the transshipment officer has traveled to Wujiang Mansion to investigate the integrity of the officials and cursed Yan Boyang for using him as a target. Yan Boyang got up with anger when he heard it. He said that he was not as good as his elder brother. His elder brother was admitted to Chunwei at the age of twenty. When his elder brother celebrated his birthday every year, they all overwhelmed his eldest brother to celebrate his birthday, and he asked him, tomorrow Whoever remembered his birthday, he also wanted to eat his mother’s longevity noodles. Yan Boyang said angrily that Yan Erlang was wrong, and walked away quickly.

Xu Shu waited at the gate of Yan’s Mansion and took him away when he saw Yan Boyang coming out. Xu Shu threatened Yan Boyang with writing to bring Helu. The women in Jingnv Pavilion practice Nuo dance, and Xie Ruying said Xie Xiaoman weirdly. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu returned to the Jingnv Pavilion to take Helu, but found that Helu was missing. Zhao Xiaoqian came in and wanted to invite them to the Yanfu to celebrate Yan Boyang’s birthday. Xie Xiaoman didn’t tell Zhao Xiaoqian what Helu hadn’t seen and refused. Aunt Ming ran out.

Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan went to Yan Mansion to celebrate Yan Boyang’s birthday. Yan’s father even wrote a letter. Zhao Xiaoqian helped read the letter. His mother made him a longevity noodle. Zhao Xiaoqian gave him a horse. Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu searched for a long time in Jingnv Pavilion, but they didn’t find Helu, so she planned to tell Zhao Xiaoqian about it.

Xie Xiaoman knelt in front of Zhao Xiaoqian’s room and asked to punish herself. Mother Zhu also rushed over when she learned about the incident. She reprimanded Xie Xiaoman loudly and wanted to take her away. Zhao Xiaoqian angrily pulled Xie Xiaoman into the room. Xie Xiaoman said a lot, but Zhao Xiaoqian still had that expression. Mother Zhu asked Xie Xiaoman to be taken away, and Zhao Xiaoqian asked them to let Xie Xiaoman leave.

Zhao Xiaoqian instructed Liangji to find the teacher Qin, and asked him to dig the ground three feet to lift Wujiang Mansion and get Helu back. Zhao Xiaoqian remembered that in that winter, the empress was going to make a dojo for the little prince who died young, and the rules in each palace had to be reduced. There was no charcoal fire in such a cold day, and his brother was still sick. Zhao Xiaoqian went out to find charcoal fire.

The queen empress came to look for her brother, but Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to go in but was stopped. When Zhao Xiaoqian entered, his elder brother told him that he might not be able to accompany him anymore, and asked Zhao Xiaoqian to leave here to his place. No matter who asked him to come back, he would never come back again. After talking to Zhao Xiaoqian, his brother passed away. After recalling what happened at that time, he remembered what the master said to him.

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