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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 15 Recap

Xie Xiaoman told Zhao Xiaoqian about going back to the countryside to attend the wedding banquet. Zhao Xiaoqian was not in a good mood because of the lantern Xie Xiaoman had taken during the Lunar New Year Festival last time. He did not agree to give Xie Xiaoman back to the countryside. Zhong Ziyan saw Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman unhappy and left and walked over. What happened to Zhao Xiaoqian, Zhao Xiaoqian told him about the lantern. Zhong Ziyan asked Zhao Xiaoqian to ask Xie Xiaoman to ask clearly, don’t make mistakes. Xie Xiaoman went home angrily and planned to tell her mother about this. Her mother held a chicken and asked Xie Xiaoman to take it back to help the prince of the county.

Xie Xiaoman was holding a chicken back to the prefectural palace and was stopped by Mother Zhu. Mother Zhu said that Xie Xiaoman had been messing around all day, saying that she had used this filthy thing. Shi Deng’er rushed over to tell Zhao Xiaoqian when he saw him. Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t care, and Zhong Ziyan told him not to chill people’s hearts because of this. Isn’t Zhao Xiaoqian shudder to refute him? Zhong Ziyan asked him to ask, Zhao Xiaoqian went out to help Xie Xiaoman. Zhao Xiaoqian took Xie Xiaoman and left, and the two sat on the steps to talk. Originally, Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to ask about Xie Xiaoman’s lanterns, but later promised Xie Xiaoman to go back to the countryside to attend the wedding banquet, and decided to ask her again when he came back.

Both Yan Boyang and the people from Wujiang Mansion had won the crickets. The man irritated him with words, and he decided to take Zhao Xiaoqian to the Autumn Chonghui the next day. Xie Xiaoman took Zhao Xiaoqian back to the countryside to attend the wedding banquet, and everyone in the village came to greet them. Xie Xiaoman went to the bride’s room at the wedding banquet, where several girls were talking. Zhao Xiaoqian heard someone talk about him and Xie Xiaoman. The man said that Xie Xiaoman was for his power. The man also talked about his brother. Zhao Xiaoqian became even more angry. He went out to beat the man. When Xie Xiaoman learned what the man said, she was also very angry and kicked a few feet. The man scolded the man severely, and went to chase Zhao Xiaoqian.

When Xie Xiaoman came to Xiongjie Camp, she came to ask Taiwei Xu what happened between the Lord Yongguo and the prince of the county. Taiwei Xu asked her what capital she had to ask about this. Xie Xiaoman offered to use her body as a bait to help him catch the thief. Zhao Xiaoqian returned to the mansion and heard that Yan Boyang was waiting for him at Xiaozhangtai. He took the cricket and went to Xiaozhangtai. The government office just sent a notice saying that there were bandits in Wujiang Mansion who asked Zhao Xiaoqian to go outside the city. I learned from Shi Deng’er that Xie Xiaoman had gone to Xiongjie Camp, but now I heard that the bandits hurried towards Xiongjie Camp.

Yan Boyang didn’t wait for Zhao Xiaoqian to enter the fighting cricket by himself. Xu Shu saw that he was coming, so he wrapped up the fighting cricket table, hoping to find the place. Xu Shu suggested that he would add 50 more points to bet with Yan Boyang, but Yan Boyang agreed not to be outdone by others.

Xie Xiaoman walked alone on the desolate and dark road, and a group of bandits appeared and surrounded her after a while. Zhao Xiaoqian rushed to horseback and shot one of the bandits with an arrow. Xie Xiaoman ran behind Zhao Xiaoqian. Zhao Xiaoqian beat the group to the ground, and General Xu rushed to take them and took them away. Zhao Xiaoqian learned from his master that Xie Xiaoman wanted to ask Zhao Xiaoqian suffering from the death of Lord Yong Guo. She asked what could be done for him.

Yan Boyang lost the fight with Xu Shu. Xu Shu said he was a dog of Zhao Xiaoqian. Yan Boyang was very angry and wanted to beat him, but he couldn’t reach Xushu’s many people. Yan Boyang was pressed on the handwriting and left his finger model and threatened. He took out the money within three days, otherwise he would send the notes to the government office.

Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman were on the roof. Zhao Xiaoqian told her about the childhood things, and Xie Xiaoman told him not to think about these things. Zhao Xiaoqian asked about the lanterns. Xie Xiaoman explained that Li Su and Zhu Xingshou were separated that day, so she gave the lanterns to Li Su to Zhu Xingshou, and the misunderstanding was clearly explained.

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