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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 4 Recap

Li Qian, who had prepared for a long time, returned the phone to Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming saw that the password of the phone was Li Qian’s birthday and naturally he did not suspect him. In Ning Chengming’s picture, he was indeed a teacher at a university. There are also pictures with Li Qian, but they are very vague, basically in a state of not remembering, and these are all covered by the panic of Li Qianshun, who has already thought about countermeasures, and even compiled the first encounter of the two.

They are all made up based on the 800 love dramas they have watched, and they also interpret themselves as a loyal girl in love, and Ning Chengming is the ungrateful scumbag.

This made Ning Chengming feel very guilty, and he also said that he should treat Li Qian well. Li Qianqiang suppressed the secret joy in his heart, and appropriately squeezed out two crystal clear tears. She is simply a follower of love, and Ning Cheng Ming was the scum who broke up with her after the chaos and the end. He was ready when he couldn’t squeeze the tears. Li Qian casually took eye drops and squeezed it up while Ning Chengming was not paying attention. The bitter melon face is enough, and the behavior of the “scumbag” is generous, which makes Ning Chengming even more guilty.

Ning Chengming wondered why this kind of self could attract Li Qian. Li Qian was naturally a choreographer. The true and false integration talked about the situation in college. Although the two were tit-for-tat at the time, they have changed in Li Qian’s words. When the two became two, they had to talk to each other when they had a chance. There seemed to be some bridges in the vague memory, so Ning Chengming did not have too much doubt.

Just when Ning Chengming and Li Qian were discussing their previous love, Gu Zhe drank too much because of sadness. He fell on the ground or was sent back to the room by the waiter. The waiter knew that Li Qian and Gu Zhe came together. Qian Qi was with the fox, so he sympathized with Gu Zhe, thinking that Gu Zhe was abandoned by Li Qian. Gu Zhe returned to the room and made a call. He thought it was Li Qian’s call, but he called “Li Qian” and blamed Li Qian for abandoning him when he saw Seishi, but the call came from the other end.

With Yu Qingqing’s voice, Yu Qingqing was surprised to learn that there was a man in Li Qian’s room, but Gu Zhe felt uncomfortable and grumbled. Yu Qingqing asked if Gu Zhe had a crush on Li Qian. Although he was drunk, he still did not forget to oppose. Gu Zhe claimed that he was only worried about being left behind by Li Qian and didn’t know how to spend it. Yu Qingqing was dissatisfied with Gu Zhe. Weaning.

Cao Mei is the legal director of Ning Chengming’s company. He and Ma Hao went to plan the murder of Ning Chengming. However, Cao Mei didn’t want to really hurt Ning Chengming’s life. She, Ma Hao must keep Ning Chengming’s life, but this aroused Ma Hao’s killing intent. On the surface, he agreed to Cao Mei, but in fact he issued a killing order and increased his bargaining chip.

Li Qian talked about the love between two people in fantasy. Ning Chengming watched Li Qian almost fall and embrace him. The two fell on the bed. Ning Chengming stretched out his hand to touch Li Qian’s cheek, and Li Qian’s heartbeat speeded up unexpectedly. I was confused for a while, but never thought that Ning Chengming just tore off the false eyelashes that Li Qian was about to fall, and got up embarrassed and hid in the bathroom, but he couldn’t help blushing and heartbeat whenever he thought of the situation just now.

In Ning Chengming’s consciousness, the two should have been living together. Li Qian naturally could not leave. They slept on the same bed that night, but Ning Chengming kept sticking to Li Qian, and Li Qian was never comfortable. Gradually, she looked at Ning Chengming in a trance, and finally fell asleep in the trance.

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