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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 17 Recap

Sun Guangming sent Xu’s only car to the second-hand market for auction. Xu only wanted to cry distressedly, and begged Sun Guangming to leave her beloved car. The staff made a simple assessment and it was 30,000 lower than the new car. Xu only said nothing. Drive away.

Sun Guangming caught up with Xu Youyi and forcibly took her back to Houshigou Village. The matter quickly spread throughout the village, and the villagers talked a lot. Sun Guangming hired Xu Youyi as her assistant, who was solely responsible for the food, clothing, housing, transportation and daily management of the barn. He gave her a salary of 4,000 yuan a month. Xu Youyou felt that there was too little money, but had nowhere to go, so he had to move into the valley with luggage. warehouse.

Li Jianan learned that Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyou back to the village. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity to show Sun Guangming. He came to Sun Guangming as soon as possible. He promised to clear up Xu Youyou’s endorsement fee immediately. Sun Guangming made it clear He has returned the endorsement fee to Xu Youyou, and Xu Youyou will be his assistant from now on, asking Li Jian’an to deposit the money in the village’s public account.

Sun Guangming gave Xu Youyi three chapters and asked her to learn how to cook first. Xu Youyou had never cooked before. Sun Guangming taught her by hand. Xu Youyou never knew what to do. The result was a mess, and Sun Guangming was instructed to be dizzy. Zhang Guofu is very old. He publicly announced his semi-retirement and handed over the management of the company to his eldest grandson Zhang Zishan.

Zhang Zihao only knew about it when he saw the news. He came to Yuelan and vomited. His grandfather and elder sister told him in advance He knew from TV that his eldest brother took over the company. Obviously he didn’t regard him as Zhang’s family. Yue Lan believed that he was in blessing and didn’t know the blessings. Zhang Zihao compared himself to Xu the only person in Houshigou Village. It was amused.

Sun Guangming sent Xu Youyi to announce the news of the opening of the barn and to prepare meals for more than 20 people. Xu Youyi complained repeatedly. Before Sun Guangming announced all the tasks, she ran to the village committee. Xu Youyou used the village. The big speaker broadcasted the news of the opening of the barn, then went to the vegetable base to choose dishes, and finally went to the supermarket to make a big purchase. Sun Guangming cleaned up the barn inside and out, everything was ready, only waiting for the official opening tomorrow.

Early the next morning, the village Yangko team and gongs and drum teams came to the door of the barn early. The villagers all came to watch. Sun Guangming suddenly received a call from the organizer Tianhai Trading staff and learned that the signing ceremony would be held at Junzilan Hotel. , Sun Guangming was dumbfounded, and didn’t know what to do for a while. Xu Youyi wanted to disband the villagers. Sun Guangming didn’t want to lose his appeal. He had to bite the bullet and went out to explain. He lied that something went wrong temporarily. The opening ceremony was postponed and the villagers were invited to visit the barn. Pour water for everyone.

The villagers were full of praise for the design and decoration of the barn. Zhao Yuxi saw that Sun Guangming had been released and wanted to take this opportunity to organize a birthday party for himself. Liu Fugui was willing to bear all the expenses. Sun Guangming flatly refused and insisted on receiving outsiders. The guest, Liu Fugui is not forgiving. Sun Guangming hurriedly found an excuse to hide and call Yue Lan for help. Yue Lan promised, Xu only jokes that Sun Guangming begs his ex-girlfriend in case of trouble, and promised to help him find a way.

Yue Lan called and asked Zhang Zihao to help Sun Guangming support the scene. Zhang Zihao promised to find friends to join him and invite Yue Lan to join in the fun. Xu Youyou drove out to solicit customers, and happened to encounter a car full of lost tourists. The tourists were looking for a country restaurant. Xu Youyou who lied to be a country restaurant took all the tourists back to the barn.

Li Jian’an, Feng Jinbao, Zhao Yuxi and others just wanted to leave, Zhang Zihao and Yue Lan brought friends to the barn, pretending to hold a signing ceremony here, Sun Guangming didn’t want to cheat. Suddenly, Xu Youyi hurried over and brought a car full of tourists. Sun Guangming begged Zhang Zihao to cancel the fake signing ceremony, and promised to invite his friends to dinner before Zhang Zihao agreed to give up.

Sun Guangming was worried that the ingredients were not enough, so Xu Youwei and Li Jian’an asked the women in the village to come to the barn to help, and asked them to bring their own special dishes. The grandmother heard the radio and asked people to push the pancake stall to the barn to make original vegetable pancakes. Zhao Liying, Zhao Meifeng and Liu Haitang and others arrived after hearing the news, and they all showed that they could make their own specialties. , Sun Guangming saw the lively scene in front of him, and his heart was full of enthusiasm.

Zhang Zihao and Yue Lan tasted vegetable pancakes and were full of praise for the craftsmanship of the grandmother. Xu Youyou secretly broadcast this episode. Zhang Zihao saw the live broadcast and accused Sun Guangming that he should not be used for publicity. He suddenly wanted to invest in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming persuaded him to learn about the countryside first. Xu Youyou chased Zhang Zihao for meals. Sun Guangming invited Yue Lan to stay for a few days, and Zhang Zihao would also stay here.

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