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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 16 Recap

Sun Guangming wants to take advantage of the beautiful mountains and waters of Houshigou Village, and join Haiqing Village and several surrounding villages to conduct tourism together to provide tourists with a one-stop service of catering and accommodation and sightseeing. Li Jian’an does not agree to spend money to build a homestay. Unable to attract tourists, Feng Jinbao believed that the villagers were reluctant to spend money.

Sun Guangming wanted to use the barn as a pilot, and then find interested villagers to build a homestay together. Feng Jinbao fully supported Sun Guangming and said a lot of flattery. Sun Guangming understood Tianhai Trading Company wants to hold a signing ceremony. If it wants to hold it in the barn, it will also be counted as the opening ceremony of the barn bed and breakfast. After the meeting, Zhao Yuxi invited Sun Guangming to the Zhao’s old house to participate in the celebration. Sun Guangming excuses to shirk.

Early the next morning, Zhao Yushan went up the mountain to collect medicine for Zhao Xinlong. When the door opened, Liu Fugui was waiting at the door of the old house with the people of the old Zhao family. Liu Fugui invited Zhao Yushan to participate in Zhao Yuxi’s celebration. Zhao Yushan politely declined. Zhao Yuxi arrogantly came to the old mansion and put a big picture of himself in the ancestral hall. He publicly announced that he would be the head of the old Zhao family from now on. Liu Fugui helped to fuel the flames. Feng Jinbao and Zhao Meifeng strongly protested and mocked Zhao Yuxi Fan.

Zhao Yuxi couldn’t swallow this breath. He felt that all the roots were in Li Jian’an, and forced Guilan to drive Li Jian’an away. Guilan resolutely refused to do it. Zhao Yuxi sneaked to Li Jian’an’s door while it was dark and put a bag of flour on the door frame to teach Li Jian’an a lesson. Li Jian’an found something was wrong and called Sun Guangming to drink at home overnight, and by the way to discuss the construction of a homestay. Sun Guangming didn’t know, so he came with a bottle of good wine, but was sprinkled with flour. Li Jianan pretended not to know, and promised to investigate thoroughly. Zhao Yuxi hid away and complained endlessly.

Zhao Yuxi came to Sun Guangming to apologize for the first time. He wanted to retaliate against Li Jian’an, but he ended up harming Sun Guangming. He also repeatedly claimed that Li Jian’an was murdering with a knife. Sun Guangming finally saw the true colors of Zhao Yuxi and Li Jian’an, and he was ruthless. Zhao Yuxi was so scared that he begged for mercy again and again, and even knelt down to plead for mercy. Sun Guangming warned him not to use this kind of indiscriminate means to compete with Li Jian’an in an upright manner, and Zhao Yuxi was angry to fight Li Jian’an to the end. , Sun Guangming didn’t want to listen to him being long-winded, and forcibly drove him away.

Li Jianan realized the seriousness of the problem, and hurriedly came to Li Jianping and Liu Haitang for help, but they were scolded by them, and Li Jianan regretted it. Lian Yi helped Sun Guangming contact Tianhai Trading Company. Sun Guangming drove to see the organizer and showed her the whole picture of the barn and the arrangements for food, clothing, housing and transportation.

At this moment, the person from the microfinance company called Sun Guangming, urging him to repay the loaner Xu Youyi as soon as possible. Sun Guangming asked the other party for the address and asked him to ask him face to face. Sun Guangming and the organizer discussed the specific matters, and rushed to the microfinance company. Seeing that there were many thugs here, Sun Guangming bit his head and went in and asked the person in charge that Xu Youyi had borrowed 12,000 yuan in the name of his girlfriend. ,

And also used Sun Guangming’s ID card as a guarantee. Tomorrow is the repayment day. They have not been able to contact Xu Youyi. The person in charge insists that Sun Guangming is Xu’s only boyfriend. Sun Guangming refuses to accept the account. The person in charge threatens to go to the village. The trouble caused Sun Guangming to be ruined, and Sun Guangming had to agree to contact Xu Youwei as soon as possible.

Because Xu Youyi blocked Sun Guangming, and Sun Guangming couldn’t contact Xu Youyou, so he had to call Yue Lan and ask for Xu’s only address. Sun Guangming looked for the address according to the address and found out that Xu Youyou owed two months’ rent. I was kicked out by the landlord last night. Sun Guangming had to go to the parking lot to look for Xu’s only car, and he found her hidden in the car. Sun Guangming called Xu Wuyou out.

She was already hungry. Sun Guangming invited her to dinner and gave her a severe lesson. She defended her in every possible way, because Houshigou Village owed her the endorsement fee, she was not allowed to use Sun Guangming’s identity as a guarantee to borrow money. Xu Youyi became more and more sad when he said that, Sun Guangming had to agree to help her pay back the money first.

Sun Guangming took 20,000 yuan and returned 16,000 yuan to the small loan company, and gave the remaining 4,000 yuan to Xu Youyou to cover the endorsement fee. The account between the two of them was settled, because Xu Youyou paid his grandson a few days ago. Guangming’s car crashed and owed Sun Guangming more than 30,000 yuan for repairs, so she had to accept the 4000 yuan first. Sun Guangming persuaded Xu to find a decent job. Xu had to admit that he didn’t get a graduation certificate when he was in college, and only had a graduate certificate. Sun Guangming forced her to sell the car, and Xu was not willing.

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