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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 33 Recap

Long Yan’s spiritual sense came to Liuying’s room in the first life. The realism of the mood here proved that this person not only knew very well the past life before Qingyan Crossing the Tribulation, but also had the skin of someone who was familiar with Liuying at that time. After that, Long Yan saw another Long Yan and Qingyan in the courtyard. He stepped forward and fought with the fake Longyan, took away the Qingyan, and went to every place they had been.

The fake Longyan didn’t know. The two had been in the cave under Kunlun Mountain, so they were flawed, and Qingyan recognized Long Yan. The two came to the Fallen Valley and saw the sky full of Liuying. Long Yan couldn’t help but be surprised. This is clearly the place he and Liuying of every life have been, how can the caster know all this.

Long Yan was obsessed with Liuying’s dreams, Xue Qianxun and Qingqing frowned. If you want to perform this method, you must know them enough, and this beautiful dream also shows that it is a trap, aimed at them. Then, it’s just that he couldn’t think of who wanted to harm the two for a while. In his dream, Long Yan watched everything carefully.

He saw the flower that Liu Ying had saved two hundred years ago. He guessed that the cat was the one who cast the spell. After Liu Ying saved it that year, he brought it by his side. She also Enough to understand Liu Ying. After knowing the caster, Long Yan took control of his real body.

After many rehearsals, Qingqing and Xue Qianxun guessed that the caster was the cat demon. The cat demon had previously used Qingqing’s hair to create this dream. Xue Qianxun traced her to the location of the cat demon by relying on Qingqing’s hair. The cat demon didn’t know that Nightmare Dafa would harm Qingyan. Just as Xue Qianxun wanted to ask the person behind the scenes. At that time, the people behind the scenes thundered and thundered on the cat demon, causing the cat demon to disperse on the spot.

When Long Yan and Qing Yan woke up, Qian Yan was very happy to see Long Yan. She thought of everything in her dream, her heart was very sweet, but when she learned that she had been in a coma for six days, she couldn’t help but feel anxious. Long Yan sent Qingyan back to Kunlun Mountain. Before leaving, Qingyan personally sent Long Yan to the sky. Long Yan’s heart was touched. He had already waited for Qingyan III. In this life, he will wait until Qingyan’s birthday. He can tell Qingyan everything in person.

Qingyan returned to Kunlun Mountain and was punished. She had no enchantment in the back mountain. She wanted Qingqing to come and play with her, but she was worried that the dagger in her hand would hurt Qingqing, so she left the dagger to her senior. Watch over. On the other hand, Mingge Xingjun brought a booklet to find Long Yan, saying that Xueqianxun has no relationship with Qingqing. Xueqianxun’s punishment for the lone star is because of Qingqing, the green bird, Long Yan is very surprised by the identity of the two. , Ordered Ge Xingjun to give this matter to Long Yan, and let Long Yan talk about it with Xue Qianxun himself.

Qingqing came to Kunlun Houshan to look for light smoke, but was caught by Kunlun disciples. Seeing this group of people can’t help but say that they want to be in addition to themselves, Qingqing quickly summoned Xueqianxun. Xueqianxun tried his best to protect Qingqing. Kunlun disciples refused to let Qingqing go. They claimed that it was their righteous thing to kill demons and eliminate demons, Ruo Xueqianxun. Casting spells to stop them from eliminating demons is a violation of the rules of heaven. Xue Qianxun insisted on taking Qingqing away.

He did not use any spells, but when he saw Qingqing was injured by a dagger, he cast a spell anxiously. The dagger that pierced Qingqing’s chest was not an ordinary dagger, and the two remembered it. A fragment of the past thousands of years ago, it turns out that the green meteor marks were cut by the sky thunder, and the two fell in love thousands of years ago. When the two were warm, a sky of thunder struck Xueqian to find, not for the others, but because the Qingxuan bird lured Tian Guxing to leave without permission.

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